Balder Mod Released, Beta Ray Bill Mod Released

Started by krum4o, May 18, 2007, 04:14AM

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Quote from: krum4o on May 28, 2007, 06:55AM
An Asgard mod pack would be nice. Im giving it some thought and I may actually try to do it. The more I learn the better the mod will be so after I finish what Im working on now Ill add the next Asgardian. Who do you want to see first?  Enchantress? Executioner? Tyr? Hermod? Heimdall?..... or someone else I forgot to mention?

Loki!!! The God of Mischief!!!

You should make a package mod of Asgardian gods, krum. Just like the one tommyboy did with his Avengers.

oh yes, this is very excite news of all i ever heard as i am asgardian freak, i am what u call these trekkies freaks for star trek lol, i own all comics books that is about asgardians, inculde all mini series, so if need help on history or pictures for different costume, i will help with anything i can, one thing i would love is replace costume for thor's "beta ray bill" costume and set up a new character for beta ray bill on his own, so i can play as thor and beta ray bill same time

as my goal is play this "thor corp"

well I put together a Beta Ray Bill Mod on your request. I will release it in a few minutes. here are some screens.  Meanwhile ill get to the rest of the asgarians once i finish up crystal who is all but ready to go.
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Here are a list of the Asgardian gods according to my knowledge of Norse mythology (I am a History teacher, you know)

Tyr, the god of war
*Hermod, the god of speed
*Balder, the god of light
*Thor, the god of thunder
Heimdall, the messenger god
Loki, the god of mischief
Hela, the goddess of death
Odin, the all father
*Enchantress, the goddess of magic

More to come, so stay around.


Plz. try to make Odin, Tyr, and Heimdall especially, since they're already NPC'S.

I do not mind Enchantress or Loki too, since they're in the game.

Try to get the easy ones first, krum.

Got the names of the skills?

And does he have his own XTreme yet?

Sry if I'm asking too many questions at once :nerd: :chuckle:

I am a very talkative person.

And I just want to get my post count total up.

i just finished up the crystal mod i was working on. im about to put up beta ray bill along with the improved crystal mod..... btw have you tried balder yet? any comments?
"Where soars the Silver Surfer,
there must he soar alone."

Balder is pretty cool dude!

I'll tell Cates to add Crystal to his catalog. He's already pasted Balder and Clea on.

Any chance, you working on an Asgard pack?

Ill most likley release them individually, when I have them done ill make a pack that will replace some in game characters so that you wont have to do all the work in the herostat file. Im all burnt out for today though. Tommorow you can expect the next asgadian, most likley ill try and make Heimdal, but well see.
"Where soars the Silver Surfer,
there must he soar alone."

I copy. Can you answer all the questions I posted above? :nervous: :chuckle:

*Nervous Grin*

here is pic for balder and beta ray bill costume idea, and other thor costume for people like me who going to have beta ray bill on his own, let me know if u like any, if u dont on some i can give more examples