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Author Topic: Nightcrawler171711's boosters  (Read 5274 times)

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  • Hi, im Brandon. Id like to balance MUA characters.
Nightcrawler171711's boosters
« on: August 18, 2021, 06:32pm »

If you want mua to be harder i recommend my harder mua update as it will allow to take full advantage of these balances ive created
Check it out here:

I always noticed how the bruisers did as much or less damage than regular characters (i thought that made no sense) so i went ahead and gave them buffs for their powers and changed some of their autospends and character stats making them actual bruisers. Also their knockback and other immunities work now because of their new herostats.

Bonus- i changed his boost to make it better and more useful for damage reduction but with more time than hulk as this is his primary boost. I changed his autospend too.

Download it here:

Bonus- i changed his boost to make it better and more useful for damage reduction. I also gave him the regeneration passive on his first costume.

Download it here:

Luke Cage
Bonus- i fixed his "Hammer Toss" as it didnt deal the proper damage due to the powerstyle missing information. I also raised his chances of extra shield credits from killing enemies with his extreme.

Download it here:

Ms. Marvel
Bonus- i fixed her explosive touch power as it had incorrect information in the powerstyle. I changed her autospend too.

Download it here:

The Thing
Bonus- i raised his chances of slowing enemies on his extreme.

Download it here:

Bonus- i gave him a heal factor as he should have one.

coming at some point: spiderman, venom, magneto, elektra, and black panther.

Download it here:

This is my first ever mod and sabretooths first booster. I saw he had a few problems in the ocp so i went ahead and fixed those problems. I also added his 360 mannequin and a new passive so he can now finally compare to wolverine and deadpool.

Download his balance here: https://mega.nz/file/csg3WQYL#kpfOO6AWRLL5Yj8hLWPqiqj_iZz5x5zC-rlNFvALdpo

Quick optional update
Its an update that adds knockback (which was in the talent file but wasnt working in game) to sabretooths "Pounce" and adds damage if it misses like when you use wolverines "Lethal Lunge" on an enemy if it misses or just on a boss. This buffs the power too.

Download his update here:

My second booster is for silversurfer. He was already balanced except for his ridiculously powerful heal ability. I nerfed it heavily to a balanced level so he could be used more strategically and fairly if you add mods to make the game more difficult (like i did to my copy of mua) he will be balanced for it.

Download his mini booster here:

This is my 3rd booster. Its for spiderwoman as it buffs 6 of her powers because she was weak and had some disadvantages that others didnt yet could do the same thing. Her heal ability is an example as she could heal team members from a limited distance while doctor stange could do the same at any distance with the same 2% heal factor.

Download her buff here:

Wolverine also gets a buff like sabretooth that way hes not underpowered either.

Download it here:

If someone wants to use my boosters to create another you dont need my permission.
Also if there are any characters and mods id be allowed to make boosters for then you can ask me to balance them in a reply.
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Offline Nightcrawler171711

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  • Hi, im Brandon. Id like to balance MUA characters.
Re: Sabretooth's first booster
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2021, 07:00pm »
If anyone finds another issue please let me know and ill try and fix it