Understanding affections inside data and effects folders

Started by LarsAlexandersson, April 09, 2010, 09:01PM

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April 09, 2010, 09:01PM Last Edit: April 10, 2010, 02:33AM by LarsAlexandersson
The files that inside those folders are only affected to XMLB File Types.

I've been re-compiled the files inside data & effect folders:
1. entities files found in data/entities/ from "ents_name.engb" change to ''ents_name.xmlb''
2. fightstyles, movesets and interacts, found in data/fightstyles/ from "fightstyle_name.engb"/"interact_name_victim.engb"/"moveset_name.engb" change into '"fightstyle_name.xmlb"/"interact_name_victim.xmlb"/"moveset_name.xmlb"
3. airpattern files found in data/airpattern/ from "name.engb" change to ''name.xmlb''
4. character effects found in effects/char/ from pxx_name.engb/special_name.engb/name.engb into pxx_name.xmlb/special_name.xmlb/name.xmlb

:confused: I'm not even know much anything about Airpattern, Entities, Fightstyles and Character effects making (Feel free to add/edit some tutorials on Airpattern, Entities, Fightstyles, Character Effects here)
Hopefully this will help me and others understand the affections on the files inside data (airpatterns, entities and fightstyles) & effect (char) folders.   :D

:laugh: ara.. Sorry for my bad language back there, can someone fixed it up.
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I've tried to do a spell check on your post, but when I do, I find information already known and information that can be found in the knowledge base.

But something what's important is, what mr. Lars over there tried to say was, that all those files need to be XMLB files. Not ENGB. Modders tend to mix it up often, especially when working for hours on ENGB files.