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Started by Marquis, April 29, 2010, 08:27AM

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Doom 2099

Spider-woman Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. mannequin

Dark Beast

Classic-like Ultron


StarLord Guardians of the Galaxy

Doom House of M

Fury Stealth Mannequin



Credits: Iammingy - for model
Bruce Banner

True Dr.Doom's Iron Man

Thanos Annihilation

Credits: Dark_Mark - for model
Universe-X(Realm of Death) skins
Victor von Doom



Moon Knight


NightCrawler Modern

Gray Goblin

Credits: Mr.Law^^ - model
Green Goblin Earth-1298

Credits:Mr.Law^^ - Model
MUA2 Jack O'Lantern

Credits:Mr.Law^^ - Model

Captain America Secret War


Red Guardian

MoonKnight Secret Avengers


Crimson Dynamo Code RED

NightCrawler Movie Black

Credits - Mr.Law model
Jessica Drew Training

Apocalypse Evolution


Steve Rogers Secret Avengers

Shaw Universe-X realm of Dead

Victor von Doom Sorcerer Supreme

Hope Summers

Adam Warlock Classic

Credits: iammingy - hair bolt on
Black Panther - Hound from Doomwar style

Domino X-Force

Daredevil Captain Universe

Daredevil ShadowLand

Norman Ozborn SIEGE

Hulk Captain Universe

Credits Drak_Mark - model
Juggernat Ultimate MUA2

Credits: Mr.Law^^ - model
Emma Frost Dark X-Men

Invincible Woman(Valeria House ofM)

Doctor Doom Sorcerer Supreme


Gladiator Funerals

Gamora Gardians of Galaxy

Captain America Heroes Reborn

Gladiator Captain Universe

Invisible Woman Captain Universe

New Captain America

NightCrawler Revamped

IceMan Revamped

Namor Second Coming

Silver Samurai

White Phoenix Mannequin

Luke Cage - Thunderbolts

Mandarin - Acts of Vegeance

Thanos Classic(UnMasked)

PS2 Version of Doom 2099


Mandarin MUA
IronMan Movie
Spider-Man Movie
New Goblin Movie

They look fantastic (I especially like the Doom 2099 and Taskmaster skin).

Finally another mannequin maker ^^. (kudos to deedooo for persuading you :P)

Quote from: Mr. Law^^ on April 29, 2010, 08:43AM
Finally another mannequin maker ^^
in fact I'm not so mannequins maker  as you
I just recolor them

and Mr.Law can you give me Permission for working with your Green Goblins models?(I've got some skins almost made but I need your permission to realese them)

Quote from: Suigetsu on April 29, 2010, 08:33AM
They look fantastic (I especially like the Doom 2099 and Taskmaster skin).
thanks :)

1. Oh :P Didn't pay much attention to the recoloring stuff^^ Still good job!

2. Because you ask nicely^^. I'm curious to see what skins you have for him^^

1. thanks, glad to hear praise from you
2. thanks again. Hope you will like them

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Some more works
Romulus(from Wolverine:Origins 47)

Credits: Iammingy - for model
Bruce Banner

True Dr.Doom's Iron Man(because all other 'Doom's' heroes are based on Ultimate models)  or Ultimate Doombot

cool Romulus! keep up the good work :)
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Spider woman!
Thanks for the new mannequins. Great job ^^
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All these look great, especially Romulus. Glad to see your skins on here :)
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