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Started by Marquis, April 29, 2010, 08:27AM

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Quote from: Mr. Law^^ on May 01, 2010, 12:08PM
That's funny because UltimateVeNom also pm'd me with a Gray Goblin texture XD
at least I am able to do all by myself

And I think he haven't sent you anything like this

Green Goblin Earth-1298

Credits:Mr.Law^^ - Model

I wasn't offending ya but it was a coincident :P (it was a different texture nonetheless :P)

And ooh, a Greeny Hobgoblin ^^

and the last for now

An attempt to make
MUA2 Jack O'Lantern

Credits:Mr.Law^^ - Model

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Perfect. Marquis, UltimateVenom. We owe you one for a Hobgobby & Jacky O MUA2 skins. Green Goblin MUA2 Conversion is now even more Official as ever know.
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and it is MARQUIS :)

oh and these very skins are made only by me

Bullseye, Doom 2099 and Classic-like Ultron are really beautiful

MARQUIS dashing, super skins, never tire of talking)))
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