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Started by MonitorAccess, August 03, 2008, 05:59PM

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I am using the mod for PS2 in the thread titled: PS2 mod. Colossus, Moonknight and Next Gen Simulation Discs.

I burned it to disc and ran into freezing problems.  Taking a suggestion I transfered the ISO to my HDD and I am now playing it from there.  However I am still running into the freeze problems.

All my problems seem to stem from Moon Knight.  He does not have a mannequin/character selection figure to choose to place him on my squad...but I can put him on the squad by going to the left of Ms. Marvel.

It is once I put him on a squad that I run into problems.  The game freezes if I try to select a new hero to take his place on my squad. It freezes immediately there at the hero select screen.  If I have Moon Knight on my squad and choose to replace someone else on the squad the game freezes when it leaves the hero select screen and goes to the next loading screen.  If I have Moon Knight on my squad and try to do any training missions it freezes when trying to load after choosing my squad (Or even leaving the squad as is that was playing in the game)

My question now is...what should I look for to see about fixing these problems?  Is there a tutorial or something I should read?  Has anyone else used the PS2 mod with no problems?

Does Colossus have a mannequin that shows up?

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Yes.  Colossus has a mannequin that shows up.  It showed up immediately.  And using him does not create any problems whatsoever.

I tried using the unlock all characters code hoping that might bring the Moon Knight mannequin into the picture but no luck.

Oh and sorry I posted the original post in the wrong forum.

Well...since I got my Xbox 360 back today, I guess I can put this back on the back burner.  I am still curious to know if there was a problem with the actual mod, or if something happened while I was putting it back together.

Thanks for all the help I did recieve though...I did appreciate it.

I dunno to be honest, we never got much feedback on the PS2 mod.  If I had a PS2 I could help ya debug, but I sold mine recently.

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You can use the latest version of the PS2 emulator to test your PS2 mod. MUA was confirmed to be playable.

compatibility list:
in-game screenshot:

Didn't think about that.  Good idea

I can probably fix the problem with Moon Knight's mannequin not appearing.  I know where the file for his mannequin is stored on the consoles, so as long as his mannequin is in PS2 format (I'm pretty sure it is) then I can just hex it into the right place.

As far as the crashes are concerned, I don't know what's going on there.  Let me take a look at the source files and get back to you.

Wow...this is old...I just found a disc labled MUA Next Gen in the other room...I think it was my last attempt to get the mod working, and I was pretty sure I DID get it to work.  *shrug*

I went back to my 360 anyway, and right now I am getting excited reading the mods for XML2 on the PC, which WILL play on my current rig and looking for a place to legally download XML2 for purchase, and playing through the game on my PS2 for the heck of it.