JeanFan321's Huds UPDATED HUD PACK Rogue,Emma Frost,Jean

Started by Jeanfan321, June 13, 2010, 03:57PM

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ehh can't really see it good cause you turned on Advanced lighting but ill try and make another was the nightcrawler HUD like this also?

I haven't checked Nightcrawler yet, but hold on. Also for Colossus could you possibly make it so that it's only the head like a typical hud. I could find you a bigger pic if you need it.

I checked Nightcrawler and he is also scrunched up and I would also prefer the hud, not the whole body if that isn't too big of a problem.

Here is Nightcrawler. Is that pic big enough?

Here is Colossus Is this pic big enough as well?

The Colossus Pic is big enough but i cant see NC pic and just to make sure for there HUD do you want just there Head not the full body right?

Cool, its nice to see the Nightcrawler hud to be more fitting with the others now.