JeanFan321's Huds UPDATED HUD PACK Rogue,Emma Frost,Jean

Started by Jeanfan321, June 13, 2010, 03:57PM

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Psylocke WATX Hud
most of my huds looked like crap so i started practicing and practicing until i can do the best i could so i remember when i was progressing a Psylocke Mod i wanted her wolverine and x-men hud and at that time i didn't know how to make huds.Anyway here it is

Download it here

The Psylocke one looks good! Now her WATXM skin has a matching hud.

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heres a couple of huds i threw together hope you enjoy them.
Theres also 1 emma hud not in the picture called emma hot hud.
I think the best looking ones are jean, and the rogue movie one.
download here

link had to be reuploaded cause it didn't have the Jean hud it's named 12304 btw

Cool Huds, lol didnt know about those skin either did you make them?

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Ah well I love them all! :)

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