Bizarro's Hud_Heads. Marvel's Movies Project!

Started by Bizarro, July 09, 2010, 08:15AM

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Yes! I didn't! I'll fix! Sorry, guys!!! I'm learning!!!

Bizarro, those huds look great! Is it possible you could create a HUD from Gambit in X-men orgins : Wolverine?

Refrence picture here

You dont need to use this pic if you want, feel free to use any

Hello everybody,does anyone can say me how can I do any new HUD? thanks

Lindissimos cara , c nao teria alguns do Gigante(Hank Pym)!?!? :laola:

Cara vou ver se fa├žo!!!
Tenho que arrumar alguns aqui tmb (pq ficaram azul).

Hey guys, I really want fix the huds but I don't remember the numbers for the offset!!! I know is so funny!!! But somebody can help me?!!! 

another tip is to select a perfect square part of the original pic so they won't look stretched.
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