My Ultimate Spider-Man comics

Started by Static, May 25, 2007, 11:58AM

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I love Spider-Man! And he is the bestest Hero!
I love to make comics and soon I will make Ultimate Spider Man comics website.There will be mine comics and if someone of you wants to join me there will be yours comics.

Dont worry I will make the site you just need to draw comics,scan them on to your PC and E-mail me with them. I dont care about quality. Any of yours comic will be on my website and I will promote the bestest comic every 6 months.

So who is with me?-We will make a forum if you want.

realy i can make for you some wolverine/sabretooth comics if it doesnt mind.i can't scan beacause i don't have a printer but i can make comics and then make some photos of the pages
My deviant art page!!!
$$$ $$$

Yeah thats cool. I ve changed my mind. Website name will be Marvel Comics.
Neither I have scaner but I have digital photo camera and I can make some pictures.

Thanks for HELP?

When can you draw this comic?

When you draw it just send it on my E-mail adress.


Please answer me soon as possible. 

can it be with wolvy and toothy,ofcourse in one part of the comics i will put spider-man(realy i don't know if you will like my tipe of drawing but i have some defects,i will work on them latter ok)
My deviant art page!!!
$$$ $$$

Yes its pretty OK! You can put whatever MARVEL Hero you wish in your comic.

And give your comic a cool name.

I am drawing Ultimate Spider-Man comic right now.

When you ve finished drawing just send it on my E-mail

Hey I ve finished my first comic called Ultimate Scarlet Spider-Man.

Tomorrow I will make website and the comic will be on it.

Hey, "The Master$$$" is my twin brother, and he said you would need comix for a new Ultimate Spider-man website, he said I can help. I would love to  :jumping:, but only if you don't mind!!!

No I dont mind it. The website isnt just about Spider-Man comics, its about all MARVEL Heroes.
And you can create whatever comic you wish. When you create it just send it to my E-mail address


OK! Huston we have a problem.

For two days I will be able to pay new domain name. :Werd2abc: Until that we can just wait.

And we will eat POPCORN right now  :popcorn: