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Started by matt710, May 27, 2007, 12:48PM

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thanks I'll get to work on it.
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Ok here is the work thus far.  In the first pic we see the original suit with angel's face.  The next pic we see the darkened suit with Johnny Storm's eyes.  I felt that his mouth really wasn't too good for his skin so I looked towards Havok's next of kin and in pic 3 we see picture two plus Cyc's mouth.
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Very nice.  I know it's not a huge difference in XML2, but when Havok gets done for MUA you'll see a big difference.

You can convert my Ultimate Havok, too. It was based on the MUA Tony Stark, but the same model is present in XML2 so just extract the texture from the MUA one, color reverse it, and insert into XML2.


(MUA Regular lighting vs advanced lighting)

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Thanks, I will be doing an update on the havok skins and packages tonight and will be sure to add that.

Update:  I just uploaded the Dark Phoenix mod update.  I will do the same for Havok by Friday morning.
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With ultimate Havok, are there multiple offsets for this one like xtreme angel?  I am looking for the offsets and I am getting pictures that are way too long for just one.
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Here is Havok, minus the ultimate costume.  Once I fix that I will upload it separately.

Link: Havok_Update_06-17-07.zip:
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I figured out the ultimate costume conversion faster than I thought.  The problem was that there was no 256 image and the 128 was displayed as 128x256.  I shrunk the image to fix 128 and below. 
Unfortuanately since 256 wasn't salvageable, I had to stretch 128.  This makes it a little weird looking when you look at his face in the menu.  But on field it looks fine.  So here is the file.


Everybody thank Blizz for letting me convert his ultimate Havok from MUA to xml2.  We wouldn't have it for havok without him.
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Here's what I might consider the final version of Havok.  Personally I think it combines the best of what matt710 and I have done.  It's up to Matt whether it's final in the end though.

Changes since original beta: (original beta by matt710)
-the third skin that was included in the original beta (orange visor) has been reskinned to look more Havok-y (Teancum)
-five new skins (matt710, one by BliZZ)
-Numerous hex-editing changes to 19_havok (which is actually a modified 18_bishop).  Everything from boost anims to menu anims where hex-changed.  He's less of a Bishop clone animation wise (Teancum)
-Updates to the powerstyle.  New boost anims for 2 boosts, changes to Havok's two beam blasts to make them look a bit different (Teancum)
-New HUDs (matt710)
-Fixed menu portrait.  Doesn't conflict with other portraits (Teancum)
-Rearranged zip.  It's a simple drag and drop to your XML2 directory and then updating the herostat and characters_heads (Teancum)


Thanks, it sounds good!  I'm glad you were able to do the hex editing stuff because that stuff just goes over my head  :confused:.  I will have a look see later but I think you are probably right about it being final.  The fact of the matter is that there is not much sound for havok in any of the games, so there will be no addition of that.  Otherwise the only thing I would like to find out is how to make the original XML2 skin work!  The only updating I plan to do on it later is adding his load screen and making a comic for him.  The comic would probably have to be pasted and edited by the users though because it would be all dependent in who they replaced.  Anyway great teamwork!!

PS.  I am excited to see what you did with the protraits because Havok, Psylocke,and Professor X all have Dark Phoenix's in my game. 
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if you dont want to hex edit the portraits, just use ones not used in game.  For example in teh portrait folder theres one for Destiny and Magik and even the Thing, i just use thoes since i doubt anyone will do a Destiny or Thing mod for this game.
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Thanks for the pointer, I just thought that editing the character heads was what I had to do.  I never knew about doing that!
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Just to let everybody know I added a load screen and comic for Havok in this thread:


There is a text file which shows the format for compiling it.  Just do a search for the characters you want (load and comic) and add them to your review_paths.engb.


***Coming Soon: Havok Update 2.2 ***
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FYI, I started Havok for MUA a few nights ago.  I'm still mulling over which four skins to put in.  My personal choices will probably be Classic (XML2), Armored (XML1), Ultimate and Xtreme.

So what can we expect in the update?

Basically I will be doing minor things.  One major thing I want to include is trying to replace the npc so you don't have havok talking to havok.  He is last on the list so it should be ready in no more than a week.  I just have to figure out who to use.  Its cool that you are porting him to MUA.  I'd be interested to see how he looks.  Please put screenshots here if you can.
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