psp marvel ultimate alliance mod

Started by 3zazer1, May 28, 2007, 07:10PM

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The Official Site of the PSP mod:

*drumroll*...... :runaway:

Scroll down, look for the PSP mod

Can someone lock this?

I am going to have to sue you for those few seconds of my life back.  Seriously, my IQ dropped while reading this. :lockie:
Some day, someone will best me.  But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

The artist formerly known as Burning Rage.

He means character mods FOR the PSP... not the PSP exlusives. At least that is what his other posts imply (if not, feel free to stop me from defending you, bud :laugh:)

Regardless, Piccolo made a Colossus/Moon Knight mod LOOOONG ago (like in December...). Search for it. And I don't think anyone else is planning on doing any more. You could always do them yourself; but that'd be too crazy, right?

so I am witty reply #6 of 10 ... hmmm... 
how about
Before entering all forums perhaps there should be a portal that has you type in what you are looking for before you can post because 7 outta 10 posts are requests for stuff that's already been done or hasn't been done cuz its not possible

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No, Scotty Joe.

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Yes I mean for PSP!

Colossus and Moon Knight were made available for PSP by member Piccolo, but he has not been seen ever since December of last year. So I voted for never. Lol, dude, you ask this in almost every board of the entire forum!  :rofl:

This is #10 witty post!  :lockie: :lockie: :lockie:

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I'll tell you what 3zazer1 --  If you can get your PSP modded and find out how to run games off of your USB drive then I'll do a small mod and will replace two charcters of your choice with two new characters from this list (since they are already done)

Moon Knight

Again, you need to know how to run a PSP disc image on your USB drive.  If you do, posting assetsfb.wad to prove that you know how.  After that, I'll be happy to do a quick mod for you.

 :laola: :applause: :bowdown:

Kudos to KaiserBreath and xDisciplex for following in Piccolo's footsteps to create a fully functioning next-gen. mod for PSP WITH sound. If you ask me :orly:, follow this link:

Gambit is up next!