Iceman Booster

Started by themaskedprocrastinator, October 19, 2013, 09:53AM

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I really like all the new things Mr. Bobby Drake has been doing with his powers in the comics over the last year, and I wanted to add some of that to MUA.

This booster pack will take away Iceman's Ice shards power, but it replaces it with the Power to make Ice clones of himself. it also enhances his frigid aura ability by making him increase in size every time you use it. If you find Iceman is to big to fit through certain doorways, then use his frostbite ability to shrink back down to normal size.

To install: First you should back up Iceman's powerstyle, and talent files. They can be found in your MUA data folder in two folders named talents, and powerstyles. Then just add the folders in the Iceman booster zip to you MUA data folder, agree to merge folders, agree to replace the files, and your ready to play with an Iceman who is now a one man army.


Thanks to Boreman, and  Scabbia for their multipleman, and giantman mods. Without those it would have taken me forever to make this happen.

Have fun.

This sounds like an interesting booster. Will try it out.

You have to let me know what you think. I love it because  :iceman: has always been my favorite x-man, and this makes him so bad ass. Oh I forgot to mention that you can't be hurt while you are using frigid aura, and the area of cold damage that goes along with frigid aura grows with you.

Have fun

Sounds great!  Thanks for the new booster, themaskedprocrastinator.
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