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Author Topic: Does Anyone Have Star Wars Battlefront II For XBox But Plays It On XBox 360?  (Read 368 times)

Offline Kano9

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I just recently purchased a new copy of Star Wars Battlefront II (Platinum Hits) for the original XBox... and absolutely luv the fact that it's backward compatible with the 360. I've had hours with this incredibly enjoyable game and would like to know if there's anyway i can still purchase it's DLC (Maps, Asajj Ventress & especially Kit Fisto)? Is there anyway possible that i can still play with my fav Jedi???

I'm begg'in... somebody please respond.  :colossus: :juggernaut: :shehulk: :rogue: :warbird: :thor: :iceman: :nightcrawler: :polaris: :omega: :apocalypse: :galactus:

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Umm. No I don't play that specific game ;I checked xbox live and I didn't see that game on the list for DLC I don't really know what to say
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