Scabbia's Releases: New Giant Man and Wasp Mods

Started by Scabbia, September 11, 2010, 01:22AM

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Are you asking or telling? (Sorry, I couldn't tell)

Oh, well it's the original Power Theft that's in XML2. I haven't even bothered to look up on that. I do know that if you build that power up all the way, I think you can hold on to the power after they die. (Or maybe it was just a's only happened to me once, but I don't cheat that much either lol)


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It's great! Thank you!

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I saw the pics and I liked both, thanks you :)
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Thank you :) I'm surprised, especially since I really didn't take my time with em'. lol

Thank you. :)

Updated first post.

Rogue as Phoenix! mwa ha ha ha ha! lol



Jubilee - Vampire (Not exactly the same, but good enough til I have more time to work on it.)

Oh! I like the new update! Thanks!

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