X-Men: Destiny

Started by Nowhere Man, October 07, 2010, 03:14PM

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me to but they didnt show really anything different from the first just the same people in different poses and more about the you create it yourself thing and a little look at the gameplay

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Quote from: SilhouetteSpider on December 15, 2010, 03:30AM
I think I understand now, thanks. It was unnecessary to comment on it. My apologies.

I think that  contrary it is me who should apologize for misunderstanding at this forum!

About a trailer....  Has reconsidered once again and has understood that  a silhouettes  of heroes well-known to us  are quite good! They are pleasant to me! It is a pity that speak nothing about a plot... I will wait.

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I agree, I am pretty antsy waiting for more info on this. I will be so disappointed if we only get to choose from the three characters show though. Blegh.

I have a feeling, that whatever the game will give us, I will get it :D

I just hope you can work along side the X-Men and it isnt just you on your own.... because I have a felling it is either going to be Work with them or not :/

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It is dubbed, to be all about choices. As that, there should be a chance for:
a, working alone
b, working with the X-Men
c, working with the Brotherhood

And other choices. At least, I hope so. If yes, I will play through this game a hundred times :D

Same here I just dont want it to be like oh your a mutant welcome to the X-Men go do some missions and then its just you own your own :( And in the trailer after all the X-men the first person they should look like Surge but I bet it wasnt but she could be a cool character to make

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I still hope there will be some customization. I mean, if it's about choices, it would be stupid, if we would get someone in a basic X-Men outfit with some stupid, overpowered mutant abilities. It would be like: "Hey, you can eat anything from the list, as long as it's cereals"

lol yeah I want to make my costume not have that old training costume on :/

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December 16, 2010, 12:39PM #41 Last Edit: December 16, 2010, 12:44PM by 4elementsefww
WOW new trailer is awesome.  Some of the characters are hard to figure out.  I mean the first one is cyke, then I don't know maybe emma (since the last trailer I thought was emma) or maybe magik or dazzler, next I thought was wolverine but he is later in that trailer so I don't know about that one (I was thinking about the sound and the colors and ears and thought maybe toad or anole but I don't know), then pyro, wolverine (never ever fails to be in a marvel game with mutants), the "blue elf" (nightcrawler), magneto, storm or like midnightphoenix said surge, avalanche maybe, maybe pixie, then the last one i thought maybe was berzerker but it reminds me of iron fist for some reason.  But the last three (the ones that I think seemed like avalanche, pixie, and berzerker) I don't think they are part of the x-men.  I think they are the three that are like the "mascots" of the game the whole "you" factor.  Either way I think the game will be awesome and I can't wait for updates.

EDIT: I was looking at it again and thought maybe the second person, the one after cyke, might be mystique since they said the whole I know what it's like to be different stuff, and also it seems like they are using villian type people like magneto and pyro and if my guesses are correct then it could balance out the number of heroes and villians with the extra last thrre people being the player, but who knows could be someone wayyyyy different.
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I saw Cyke. The woman behind him is either Jean or Dazzler. Then Storm, Pyro, Wolverine, Magneto, and Nightcrawler (not in that order)

man, i really hate when people keep teasing us and remain silent for pretty long like this. hope the game will have a good and not short story (in MUA2, everything except for that was good)

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Yeah they havent made a x-men game for a very long time, so they really need to work there hardest for this game if they dont want to make X-Men fans mad, just like the X-Men the Offical game from the movie I was very angry with this game because you can only pick from 3 people or so and it doesnt even fallow the story that much, so lets hope this turns out to be a good game :/

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