Dark Phoenix Beta (Final? Updated 05/12/08)

Started by matt710, June 03, 2007, 07:01PM

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Do you still have any locked characters in your roster?  If so she is probably locked.  Also you will have to start a new game if you added her as your extra character instead of replacing an existing.
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but is there a trainer or a cheat or some script to unlock all characters? if so please tell me.

Do you use a controller?  If so there is a code, but it doesn't work with the keyboard for some strange reason.

Here it is:

Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Start  (In the change character menu)
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Alrighty here is a fixed version of Dark Phoenix.  It seems that her PSP original referenced flight only in her powerstyle, which I did.  This seemed to be problematic with the PC version, so I fixed it so that it is like normal PC characters.  I also added a line in the herostats so that she can detect stealth enemies (she has the sounds for it) and another skin.

The skin is from X-Men: Next Dimension and is costume 4b.  I added this to flush out the one Goblin Queen skin so that if you have both on your team you will not get confused.  It (skin 0262) is not, however, referenced in the herostat, so you will have to replace skin 55 (Goblin Queen Classic) with skin 62 if you have the Goblin Queen on your team as well.

Here is the update:



Just drag the folders to the XML2 folder and drop.  For the characterheads package and herostats engb, text files have been provided for you to compile into your game's files.  Please note that you should back up anything before writing over it!!!!  I am not responsible for anything that may happen once you add this, it is your own choice to install.  There are no problems found that would hurt the program or computer when I tested it, so there shouldn't be any problems on your version.
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beautiful! Glad someone did her I love Phoenix!

can you impport the fluing phoenix raptor effect on mua?

You should be able to.  You just can't define it as her flying anim in herostats or it flashes.
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can I have the file?

also do you have a new x-men jean costume?

The file is in the mod labeled fly.  Also what costume are you talking about?
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the new x-men grant morrison costume? ^_^

and yep I got the raptor now. thanks a LOT!!! ^_^

Quote from: Crescent_jason on August 04, 2008, 05:09PM
the new x-men grant morrison costume? ^_^

Unfortunately I do not have that one, nor do I think anyone did it yet.  I was going to do it, but somehow it just fell off my list...
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Aw... but thats fine ^_^ if ever you happen to be in the mood of creating it, please let me know ^_^ thanks!

I've made that  skin, incidentally. I'm just making a few more Jean skins so that I can release them all on a package.

Shafcrawler, would you happen to have made or are making this one?

If so I will nix that one off my list.
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