Canino's Mods - Lady Deathstrike 2.0, War Machine

Started by Canino, November 17, 2010, 01:51AM

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I'm glad you like it.
Que bom que gostou.
Canino passed away in April 2022. He will be dearly missed by the community

awesome mods man. keep it up :)

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Thank you for this great mod! It's really cool!

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war machine looks awesome!!! thanks for the great work!!!

But i have a question... is there any way to add the Boltons of the original skin to the other skins, like the war machine for MUA?  so the attacks do not appear out of nowhere in the other skins. (shoulders, hands, etc...) :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine: :warmachine:

I sent you WarMachine Icons. Will work on some for Lady deathstrike icons and I will try to get skins for her.

i hate to be a spoil sport, but the powers need to be reworked for war machine

what do you mean. If the powers are all right and you only don't like it, it's not canino's business,but if there is any problem with the mod. It's ok.

what i meant was the missile extreme power doesn't work right(maybe its just me) but when i use it, it doesn't hit where its suppose to, as a matter of fact the only useful power is the machine gun power, again i'm not bashing Camino, i'm just saying u might wanna look into it

I am having a small problem with Ladydeathstrike... When I try to change her skin ( In character menu not to add some other ) the game crashes so I am stuck with her 1st skin anyone know y?

have you checked that the skin in the herostat is in the actors folder? check it. it happened to me too. or maybe it's a skin in the herostat that is named other way. for example instead of being 22803 is 22804. it's an example. hope it helped.

yea I checked everyhting and I noticed that skins in herostat werent in the folder I dl so I dl another one and nothing so I just erased th ones that are not in folder from herostat and now it works xD thnx anyways : D

Hey dear, there's a skill with an incorrect icon
the name is ".... kick" and the icon is a claw and Lady Deathstrike
have 5 claws not 3... But that's a nice mod thanks.

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Canino é brasileiro. vc pode falar com ele em português^^