What power would you like to have now?

Started by Rogue, November 18, 2010, 02:17AM

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I would love to have cryokinesis (I don't need to worry about running out of ice, also being able to make awesome ice sculptures). Sage's Multi-tasking skill like Rogue mentioned above, able to perform multiple tasks at once by allocating a partition of your brain to each task would be sweet and never forgetting. Along with them powers add super speed and that would be great.

 LawO, You think as I!
I consider that the powers named you, dear friends, are very useful in life.
I have still thought, it is good to have at least any one power. It would become more interesting to live!

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For me it if I could have any power it would have to be omniscience.  Knowing everything would make a lot of things very easy, like modding :P

I would luv 4 actually:

1. Time Travel - So i could correct alot of my previous mistakes and meet the family i never knew :cable:

2. Telepathy - So i'd be one step ahead, i'd know what my enemies were thinking and i'd finally figure out what women want :psylocke:

3. Invulnerability - There's nothing like knowing no one can hurt or even stop you :juggernaut:

4. Super Strength - Now who wouldn't want to be able to press a tank over his/her head or hit the ground with so much force that it cracks wide open :colossus:

Maybe teleportation or Shadowcat powers. "Damn that guy in the lunch queue, I'm hungry!" *straight through 'im*

I think I would choose a power more like The Shadow. Where I could hide myself from the consciousness of others, much less ostentatious than shape-shifting.

Edward sparkle powers, so i could pick up depressed teenage girls :P

Quote from: whiteking on November 18, 2010, 03:33PM
I want those for the same reasons than you :)
But I would also like Piper's powers from Charmed (freeze/explode something) she had the best powers lol ^^

just so you know.... pipers powers are a lesser form of molecular manipulation.... if you look at all the powers the sisters have its basically powerful psionics

Not to be rude, but please dont bump a topic that hasn't been talked in for over a year.

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It hasn't been over a year. It's only been 7 months :)

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It hasn't been over a year. It's only been 7 months :)

Close enough ;) lol but the comment really wasn't needed at all, so the topic was bumped for really no reason. But now im spamming :P

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I would like to have the Venom Symbiote :venom: but that I can generate him from the skin like anti-venom can that it's fused with my blood.

Heck I would make a great Venom almost the exact copy of the Eddie Brock version I am 1.93 m(6'3'') in height like Eddie is and my weight is 230lbs and Brocks is 260lbs I would be a little bit skinner:) :venom:

Or even better I would like to have the powers of Cole Turner before he was an avatar all of them. So I couldn't be killed by any potion.

Extended knowledge of everything or ... no, just omniscience.

знаешь, я бы тоже этого желала, мне кажется, в нашем мире это актуально.

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A green lantern power ring always seemed pretty cool to me, want a couch? No problemo, want a tv? sure, want to blow up the entire world? Lets do it :)
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