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Started by krum4o, June 05, 2007, 02:10AM

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Rather than make new topics each time ill just post any new mods here on this page from now on.

Here is the next moded npc. Valkyrie.  This one turned out nice aswell in my opinion so be sure to check it out. I managed to get in all the skills that i wanted even had something for her death sense :) 

1 skin, 4 costume slots available
new powerset
new effects and trails
hud head

icons set (using electras)

None that I can see at the moment.

Have fun with this one. if you spot any errors glitches, or have comments let me know in this thread.

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Here is my take of the next Asgard character, Enchantress. I tried to make her as realistic as possible, so she blows kisses, takes control of enemies, sends out little hearts, and enchants. Uses some magic blasts and curses aswell. I hope you enjoy this and i had fun making it. Any comments, ideas , and suggestions would be welcomed.
1 skin ( all 4 slots are there with powers, just uses the same skin)
1 hud head
8 move powerset + and extreme
taunts are availabe aswell.
icon set, using dr stranges
anything else let me know

enchantress without taunts

enchantress with taunts (3 parts) extract all three and then copy over....
"Where soars the Silver Surfer,
there must he soar alone."

You are an extremely talented modder, krum!

What happened to Tyr or Heimdall?

they are still on my to do list. i started tyr but didnt finish him, but i will resume him soon. im not sure exactly which i will do next so i wont make promises. i still have to fix up balder, clea, and crystal as im not happy with their animations some skills and overall quality, since i didnt know as much about modding as i do now. :)
"Where soars the Silver Surfer,
there must he soar alone."

wow love them both, am look forward to have more than 20 rosters of asgardians :)

Congrats, krum, on your ascension to Marvel Modder. I am most impressed with your modding work and abilities.

nice work krum i'm realy proud of you (cool mods).I'm sure that with all this talent you can even make a galactus mod :laugh:
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June 11th 2007,
Here is an update with from my modding work from the past 2 days:
Fixed: Beta Ray Bill, Enchantress, and Valkyrie extra costumes so that they no longer crash when selected, keep in mind they are all the same skin but now you can have a choice of different upgrades for the costumes.

Added Shocker:
Includes 2 Costumes,
all the regular stuff such as an edited powerset and edited effects, taunts and etc.  Comes in 2 parts due to the taunts.

Up next, maybe another mod or a fix on Balder since i really dont like what ive done with it, im very critical of myself :)

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Howsabout Ultimate (purple pimp) Shocker? Any good base skins for him?

i think havok has the visor and the arms things, is he in the ps2 pack? (you know, the one that got rid of the BDODs). he'd only be lacking the collar.

purple pimp shocker looks like a fashion designer or model  he reminds me of zoolander for some reason :)
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there must he soar alone."