New Spiderman Web of Shadows Skin request (THIS TIME IT'S MARVEL)

Started by ErichGrooms1, November 30, 2010, 03:02PM

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Hi ErichGrooms1 is here again for SWOS Skin requests. I apologize for the Non-Marvel RQ skins I've should've done that so here's some real Marvel costumes!

Forever Yesterday Spiderman for Red

Dormammuverse Spiderman for Black

Magic Rules Spiderman for Red

Spiderman Reign for Red

I really like the Forever Yesterday, and the Dormammu costumes. I'd like to see those.

I really like like forever yesterday one, you should ask sosika to help you. He is really good at making skins and he has a ton of them too.
If I were you then I would consider it. :venom:
Spider-man Web of Shadows is the best Spider-man game ever.

I think I'll see if  can do the 'magic rules' spidey. It's basically spidey's present skin with a few extra bits anyway, so, I'll see.