PS2 convertion question

Started by Peyo, May 08, 2008, 01:30PM

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i saw that the next-gen mod chars can be added to the ps2 version. is there anyway to add :cyclops: to the ps2 version?

Yes, but not the version that is in the Official Characters mod.  He would have to be a XML2 Conversion.

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so what i have to do is extract the files from xml2 and add them to the ps2 version of mua?

No, it's a lot harder than that unfortunately.  If I can find the old version of Cyclops that BliZZ did for PC I can make it for MUA, but all of the download links are down.

oh man, its sad. i hope you find the old version of :cyclops: for it would be really cool to have this char.

another question is it possible to exchange by removing a ps2 char and add cyclops instead of the removed char? if so then is it the same or similar to mod the ps2 version as the pc version?

Modding the PS2 and Xbox versions is much harder than the PC.  You can't take a PC mod and put it on a console without lots of changes.

i don't know if there is a tutorial on this and i don't think people in this forum have the time to explain to me how does this works but i really want to know the basic things of changing the console version. can you give me an overview on this?

 :phoenix:Can some one hlp me im trying to mod my mua (ps2). Im trying to place jean in the game?????????????????????????