Ghost Rider 90s & Rogue-Ski 90s skins+ requested mannequins

Started by nuhverah, December 24, 2010, 01:20AM

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Greetings everyone,
Just sharing some of my humble works, hopefully you'll enjoy them :)
P/s: Excuse those big picturegasm abuse.Can't help myself :P

Choose your path:


Rogue-Ski 90s & GhostRider Cybernetic 90s
as requested by Witch & Creamonk

Moondragon Skins set
as closely dreamed by Fox (hopefully! heheh) :P

Crystalia Skins set
as requested by Supernatural-Witch & seconded by Fox & Blaw :P

Gambit 90s (+ TAS Sounds special)
Everyone can relax.Gambit has returned. :P

90s British Psylocke (+XML2 Loadscreen
as requested by P.Frost. Enjoy it hun<3

Goddess Storm (White & Dark Variant)
It's best not to make her mad

Emma Diamond & Jean Ponytail Classics
Classic looks just rules!

Polaris 90s Alternate & Emma 90s Arcade
Bringing the sexy BACK<3 Polaris as requested by Rogue; enjoy hun!

Classic Rogue-Love in Vain
Nothing's hotter than the waist-length jeans & an awesome big hair :D

Exotic Sisters
The Magnifying & Mystifying Polaris & Scarlet Witch creates the most powerful combination ever!

Invisible Woman's Glimmering Sea & Rogue's Hybrid Legacy
as requested by JeanFan321 & RogueDW331; hope you guys like it! :D

x-Men Zombies Skins
My sickest set yet :D

Something has gone horribly wrong. A mysterious virus is spreading fast, infecting humans & mutants alike. Those who were infected died immediately.
Problem is, they don't stay dead.They turned into something even worse than death itself. Their body cells reanimates, and they rise with a terrible hunger, hunting you down for your flesh, brain.They are what the world known and terrified as...ZOMBIES.

Meet Rotting Corpse Dark Phoenix, Bloodbath Hollow Storm, Frankenstein Monsterr Cyclops & Brain Bouffant Wolverine.
Would you fight against this plague, or succumb yourself into the army of the living dead?

Watch x-Men Zombies Skins in action at

Fun Tips: Try using 'em by replacing Demonic Soul skins (14101-14104) in Mephisto Realm:Sepulcher.The feeling of seeing them popping-up from the ground, moving slowly but gradually towards you, grabbing you & exchanging flesh with you is just simply amazing. Just let them possess you & you get to be zombies in no time :P

The plague is spreading in a pace faster than what we have anticipated. More heroes have fallen, and turned into a bigger army of zombies. Meet Icezom Iceman, HorrorShow Nightcrawler, Cadaverella Psylocke and Brokendoll Emma Frost.

Moar Previews:

HorrorShow Nightcrawler

Icezom Iceman

Cadaverella Psylocke

BrokenDoll Emma Frost

Woohoo!Definitely one of the craziest skinpacks I have ever made,which was fun as hell as well, probably because of its fewer restraints in designing. & the fact that the more uglier & gruesome they look, the better zombies they appeared to be :P

Classic New-X-Men
Classic New-Xmen look for Storm & Jean As requested by Dark Phoenix 1

Alternate Short-haired Jean Grey
Opting for a variant short-haired look <3

Made her out of boredom & personal likeness. Available in two versions; Legacy(blue-green getup) & Cherie(pinkish polka dots)

Classic Phoenixus
Sophisticated cruelty is her top priority XD

As requested by Toothless.Boy it was so fun making Phoenix & the alternate darker side of her. It's like they're practically sisters, inseparable at birth. :P

Ultimate Dazzler Skin
I always have a thing for rockish/punkish looks :D

Classic Mystique Skin
The only shape-shifter with a killer attitude!

Leading Ladies of 90s Skinpack + Sounds
'Cause those big hair defines the classy side of everything<3

Enjoy my newest skinpack featuring the cute babydoll Storm, the sweet sultry Jean & the wickedly alluring Rogue!
I've always wondered why there are no official skins of them which have big hair like these, I mean come on, this style is what shaped those superheroines, & brought me to know & like X-Men in the first place.Alas, any skinning would do, just to satisfy that crave.^^;

Also included in the pack are their respective huds & special TAS sounds to give more '90s feeling' to the skins.
Some examples:
-New flight sounds for Storm & Jean (phoenixy & winds)
-TAS taunts,victories & assist voice files
:rogue: "UH! AH that's hawt" & more.
:phoenix:"Your mind is weak" & more.
:storm:" Kneel before me!" & more.

90s Skinpack Extended version
'cause Rogue & Storm need their main costumes too

It saddens me that these skins lack of their cape & jacket, but then again I'm happie that *at least* I get to see how they would look like in MUA/XML2. This Storm was on my to-do list, & she was also requested by JeanFan123. & oh, huds are included as well :)

Fancy Polaris & Rock Glam Storm
Nuhverah's first set of skins ever


Hope you'll like 'em!<3

Hud Starter Pack by Mr Law
Deedoo's Psylocke skin (used in Psylocke's loadscreen)
Dihan's Dust skin & Psylocke's powersets (used in their loadscreens)
No Doubt Jr & Matt710's PS2 skins
Whiteking & MarvelFan12345's Jean Grey's sound effect
Gevth Camera Hack

I like your loadscreens, specially the first 2.
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Amazing! Love how you find such good people to be the face of X-Characters! Although, I'd love some male huds as well :D (Or Rachel Grey)

Very creative work!  I especially liked the loadscreens of Stepford Cuckoos and Dust.  Thanks for sharing everything.
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i like them a lot, specially Jean's huds, great job!

You have some awesome work! Thanks for sharing with us all.

Aww, thank you so much everyone!<3
My utmost pleasure to share with all of you & getting your opinions..
after all, I'm still learning :D

@zmikey08z, I'm still searching for possible perfect candidates for Rachel Grey ^^; the male version manips are still under consideration as well..if anyone got their own suggestions, feel free to share..I might look into it.

Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing this, great job :)
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Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my works,I'm delighted to know that I've brought even the slightest joy in your lives :)

The skins are amazing. I love all the colors on Polaris, and on Storm I love the beautiful design. Its very detailed and creative! And once more, thank-you for the huds.

WOW I love all the Huds and Loadscreens Storms Huds are my fav and the cuckoos loadscreen looks awesome, and like I said before the skins are very cool!

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great job with the skins! your even better than some of the people who have been skinning here for a while ^.^

oh btw nice job on the tron huds, could i link to them in my release thread?