Ghost Rider 90s & Rogue-Ski 90s skins+ requested mannequins

Started by nuhverah, December 24, 2010, 01:20AM

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Thanks y'all,
glad to know your most favourites of my works! :D

@ Deedoo: Sure go ahead after all everything I've posted here is for anyone to use/take/etc ^_~ I guess a little modding experience in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has helped me in skinning as I'm a bit familiar with it (skin editing that is) hohoho :phoenix:

Huds Set

Jean Grey (+manips)

Storm (+manips)

Rogue (+manips)

Emma Frost (+manips)

Kitty Pryde (+manips)

Scarlet Witch (+manips)

Jubilee (manips)

Psylocke (manips)

Black Widow

Dust (manips)

Polaris (manips)

Stepford Cukoos (manips)

Mystique (manips)



by MarvelFan12345

Note: These requested huds matches their skins made by Deedoo, so feel free to use them ^^

Hud Starter Pack by Mr Law
Deedoo's Psylocke skin (used in Psylocke's loadscreen)
Dihan's Dust skin & Psylocke's powersets (used in their loadscreens)
No Doubt Jr & Matt710's PS2 skins
Whiteking & MarvelFan12345's Jean Grey's sound effect
Gevth Camera Hack

not to get off topic but I find modding GTA SA is very hard lol I tried to add the superman skin and powers, but that didnt go so well lol

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(trying not to get off topic as well)^^;
Gotta agree with that but skinning & retexturing  in GTASA is much more easier,  IMHO.

Well trying not to get off topic again maybe you an tell me how some time :D

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(Trying her best not to go off topic)
It's all photoshop baby! ;D If you have txdworkshop program you can extract the textures & edit them in photoshop in no time ;D

Sweet thanks so much!!! trying not to get off topic for the 3rd time lol

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Updated the first post with Ladies of 90s Skinpack special.
Check 'em out at,5542.0.html
Thanks to everyone who waited & commented, means alot to me.
Enjoy! :)

Wow, again I love the skins, fantastic job! And thanks for realesing! :)

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They look great, good job. ^^
By the way, nice use of Crystal model to recreate the 90's hair.
Oh and also where did you get the sounds from the game X-men mutant academy?, I loved Jean's voice and quotes on that game :)
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Amazing new skins! The 90s hair has finally been created for these 3 X-Women (who arguably are the queens of the team) and it looks perfect! And thanks for the new huds. They will go wonderfully with Deedooo's new skins.

Thanks y'all~
Glad to know I'm not the only one who craved for that '90s look' :P
@Midnightphoenix123: No problemo, thanks for your patience!
@ Whiteking: Sadly I couldn't play Mutant Academy from my PC anymore so I had to rip it from videos >.<
@MarvelFan12345: Let me know if there's problem with the huds, m'kay? & yeah they'll go gracefully with Deedoo's skins :D

Thank you very much for the skins, huds and sounds they're great!, do the sounds work for XML2 as well?

Really Nice Job especially on Jean and i love the hair and Storm's street clothes thx for them.If your not to busy could you also make a Storm 90's outfit white not blue if you have time thanks and once again great job! :)

Thanks again :'D
@ Dark Phoenix 1: I haven't tried in xml2 but I assumed they're the same.How 'bout you try it & inform us here how well it goes? :D
@ Jeanfan321: I'm planning to do that one too somewhere in the future so stay tuned :) btw, I really love your Storm Mod. Wish there are plenty more mods of her though. She needs all the love that she can get!