Captain Marvel!

Started by Cry Havoc, October 04, 2010, 12:48PM

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Has anyone done a play-through with this beast? He is seriously so much fun to play as, and he even puts the Surfer to shame in terms of destruction. Not to mention that ALL of his powers and effects are completely awesome, especially BIG BANG! Even his voice is pwnage, "You're training was inadequate!"...awesome character all-around.
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I have always liked Captain Marvel and he's been in my personal top 5 favorites.  I used him in the recent tournament (after failing with Human Torch and Silver Surfer).  I suppose I officially came in second place.  Here's the tournament thread if you missed it:,5086.0.html
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I always have him in my herostat and almost always in my four. He's powerful and fun to play with, and yes i love his effects too :)
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So many characters' Xtremes are so underwhelming, that it's nice to have a hero like Captain Marvel who seems like he puts some oomph! into his. :P
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 :genis:It sounds like he says Solar Power British Might while using his extreme. What is he really saying? But Captain Marvel is one of my favorites as well.

Captain Marvel is a fav of mine as well. I always really loved his effects and skins!

It's right, he is the best. I like take him only in my team. he always win.

count me in, since i downloaded him i used him almost all the time!

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