Sosiska's skins for SMSD

Started by sosiska, January 04, 2011, 02:02PM

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neon spidey is really good and really suits the 2099 dimension.

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Liked i said about Neon, it mights fits on Flipside suit. All THX to my brain too for giving sosiska's a costume compatibility idea.
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Quote from: proton on January 08, 2011, 12:38PM
neon spidey is really good and really suits the 2099 dimension.

100% agreed

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The Unlimited suit for 2099 is incredible, and so fitting! The only thing I might change would be adding normals around the neck, like you did on the Amazing Unlimited skin, and maybe around the sides, or something.

Dude, you should really port them to Web Of Shadows.

Your black suit is the best one out here.

Could you also make one for Noir, replacing the Negative Zone suit?

Holy ghost! That is an amazing skin! Do you have any inspiration for it, or was it from that fantastic imagination of yours?

I thought so! I wasn't sure though. I like it better without the open face, those never work well. Very very good job!