Sosiska's skins for SMSD

Started by sosiska, January 04, 2011, 02:02PM

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You are so good,amazing skins!!!:)) :spiderman:

@sosiska y'know what. Big Time does fit to 2099, same as we've saw the costume trailer of Edge of Time.
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Every time I try to play miles morales mod and carnage mod for ultimate and symbiote noir it doesn't work on Spiderman SD.

cause these mods for red'n'blue ultimate and for negative zone

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Thanks Sosiska. Toxin and Carnage mods are very good. :carnage: :toxin: :carnage: :toxin:

Great Work But Can You Make Future Foundation Spider Man ? It'll Be Great I Know you can do the IMPOSSIBLE !!
Thanks for the mods

Toxin And The Spider for ultimate Doesn't Work Why?

Quote from: hassanmostafahassan on July 31, 2012, 09:22AM
Toxin And The Spider for ultimate Doesn't Work Why?

Both of those skins replace the Electro Proof costume for Ultimate, you have to select that one to see your changes.

Thank you I Love Spider Man So Much and My Brother Loves Noir Spider Man  :spiderman: