Hyperion Mod: v0.01 released

Started by apollo, May 25, 2008, 02:46PM

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May 25, 2008, 02:46PM Last Edit: May 31, 2008, 04:47AM by apollo
Okay, here is a preview of what I am working on.  This is my first mod so it's not quite all there yet.

Power-wise he is mainly a mixture of Colossus and Cyclops, with a move each from Storm and Iceman (both modified).
Really, all I'm doing for now is cutting and pasting powers together and matching them up to animations as closely as possible.  As I get the hang of it more, I'll be more inventive.

Anyway here is a preview of my work so far;

(see lower down for more preview pics)

The skin shown is just a place holder (has since been replaced with PS2 skin) until I get something better than paint for editing (old program lost due to hard-drive wipe).  I have plans for at least 7 outfits;

L2R: Supreme Power (2 outfits), Classic, Evil Classic, Evil (Weapon-X/Exiles), Earth-X Herald (Old) & Civilian (Supreme Power)

This is what his attacks/skills are currently (open to suggestions);

In addition to flight, might and leadership.
His attacks and xtremes are basically just copied from Colossus (Mega Punch, Uppercut & Ground Slam), Storm (Tornado) & Iceman (Freezing Breath).  Flash Vision and Vision Blast are modified from Cyclops, now doing fire damage, with Vision Blast also dealing bleed damage (due to severe burns).
His Solar Absorption boost increases all skills, attack and defense.
Passives wise;
Eternal Mastery (combination of 'Mastery' passives and Mutant Master)
Perceptive Vision (increases attack and reveals hidden enemies (x-ray vision))
Eternal Defense (increases mental, energy and elemental resistances*, inc. resistance to fire dmg, adds a healing factor and increases defense)
Fluid Motion (combination of Prof X's clairvoyance and Cyclops' Defense Grid)

* - Hyperion is supposed to be vulnerable to Argonite Radiation, so I generalized and chose not to increase his radiation resistance.  I can always change this.

Am currently looking into skeletons.  He is using Colossus for now, but will probably be a combination of others (possibly from MUA).  At the moment his eye beams and breath don't originate from his head, despite the line - beambolt = Bip01 Head, in the powerstyle?

Anyway, move-wise he is finished - though still open to suggestions for improvement.  I probably won't be able to do much more now for a week or so (due to exams).


Preliminary (v0.01) version released below: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=1890.msg34602#msg34602


NB: If this is frowned upon due to the ease of changing Hyperion to Superman, then I will not release it.

May 25, 2008, 03:02PM #1 Last Edit: May 25, 2008, 03:38PM by iammingy
This looks really nice! :applause:

For skeletons, I think you can use Thor's + Ms Marvel's 4_combat so you can make a full set of basic melee attacks while having flight animations (either Thor's or Ms Marvel's).

You must keep in mind that Hyperion will have the cape on all the time. I am not sure whether you want do costumes that doesn't have cape in comics. It's not a big deal, just a note for you. :)

Really looking forward to this mod!!!

For the MUA skeletons, you can find them here:
If the momshare link doesn't work, Teancum has got a MarvelMods mirror for it in the very last post.

Thanks iammingy, will look at the possibilities.

The problem with the cape had occurred to me.  I will have to see.  I don't think I'll be using Banshee as the base due to problems with the belt.  Would use Magneto (Ultimate, Helmetless) but the puffy sleeves don't really match Hyperion.
Sacrifices might have to be made.

Once I have all the powers inserted, I will upload a version for people to experiment with (probably still just using one skeleton, I'll have to see) before I start tweaking it.

EDIT: Just added Uppercut move.

looks good :)
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PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
What im currently working on: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=2275.0
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May 25, 2008, 03:52PM #4 Last Edit: May 25, 2008, 03:55PM by iammingy
You can try Piledriver from MUA (PS2):

- the belt is smaller than Banshee's
- bulky body, boot cuffs
- His hair looks a bit funny, but you can color the sides of the head a little to make the hair look a bit better.

It's a weird idea, but it's worth a try...haha

May 26, 2008, 05:44AM #5 Last Edit: May 26, 2008, 07:45AM by apollo
Okay, hit a problem.  Everytime I recompile herostat (using HeroSelect) Hyperion's powers disappear, and all that's left is flight, might and leadership.  It has happened several times and I've always managed to fiddle my way out of it, but I can't seem to this time.

Any suggestions?
EDIT: Fixed it now - just messed about with herostat

Thanks in Advance

Very nice! Will this be your first XML2 custom mod?

IMO, Hyperion is pretty similar to Superman or his Marvel counterpart, Gladiator.

I am also wondering...do we have any other options for an Xtreme other than a radial slam-the-ground attack?

May 26, 2008, 07:56AM #7 Last Edit: May 27, 2008, 08:16AM by apollo
Yes this is my first (ever) mod.

BTW, Hyperion is the Marvel counterpart to Superman, Gladiator (and the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard) are the counterparts of Superboy (and the Legion of Super-heroes), though for all intents and purposes Superboy and Superman are exactly the same.

IMO, the only other option, Xtreme wise, are for me to make 'Vision Blast' (aka Cyclop's Optic Rage with heat damage) the Xtreme, though I am open to other suggestions.

I have just added 'Vision Blast' to his attacks and it ended up being a more powerful version of Cyclops's Optic Slam instead.

Will probably use Thor's 4_combat skeleton from MUA in addition to Colossus, though I will keep looking as I'm not totally happy with the animation I've got for his vision and breath powers.

Preview Pics (Vision Blast, Earthbreaker Xtreme & Solar Absorption Boost)

His vision/breath powers are still being weird.  It worked okay with a different skeleton, so it is just a matter of finding one that works, and matches up!

Okay, power/skill-wise he is done - but still open to suggestions.

Updated first post with current talents and updated post above with preview pictures.


I don't know how I ever missed this, but this mod looks incredible.  Kudos!

I would like to suggest a move for telekinesis, due to the fact that MDB says his gravitkinetic ability enables him to levitate other objects as well.

Okay, here is what I have done so far.
Drag and drop into XML2 directory

For the selection head, add 20101 to character_heads.pkgb

Am still experiencing minor problems;
  (1) No powers after re-compiling herostat - i.e. he works fine the first time (I think), then you have to mess around to get his powers back (only flight, might & leadership show up).
  (2) Vision and breath powers do not originate from his mouth/eyes/head - may work better on a different skeleton
  (3) Skeleton-wise he is using Colossus at the moment (and in the release) so he does not have proper flying abilities yet.

I was also thinking of making Perceptive Vision into a boost and adding ATK increase to Might (as a new passive).  Let me know what you think, and any improvements anyone would like to make/suggest are welcome.

Let me know of any problems.
Just to re-iterate, this is far from complete.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any ill-effects which come about from the installation of this mod.    This file does not overwrite anything (please back-up files before copying).

Apollo, you're most likely missing the hyperion_xml.PKGB package file. make that and the mod will most probably not lose powers when shifting zones. For skeletons, I would suggest use something that has both flying animations and ranged attack animations, and use animations from fightstyle wrestling for close-ranged attacks (I did that for a few mods of mine). This mod has potential. Keep at it!

Okay, just to update, this is currently on hold until I figure out problems.  Have attempted some simpler stuff to help me get used to everything.  Will get back to it soon.  In the mean time, any help on skins would be greatly appreciated.


Has this mod been scrapped?  It looked really promising.