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Started by nodoubt_jr, June 09, 2007, 02:17PM

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December 03, 2009, 05:00PM #165 Last Edit: December 03, 2009, 05:09PM by nodoubt_jr
Heres a package including all the XML1 NPC conversions i did. It was originally meant for the XML1-->XML2 Project but now you guys can use it however you want to (well not however you need to let me know if you plan on changing them or anything like that)

ok heres all the xml1 npc's i have done, all updated and bugs fixed so if you guys were using the previous ones, replace them with this as everything was updated (powestyle, packages, npcstat entries).  They should all be ready to go, except maybe the npcstat entries, the level may need to be upped as well as the monst_dmg_high level for bosses.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?xj2tmmt0qyz

included are:
Avalanche Boss (currently Avalanche_Boss, a combination of avalancheact2, avalanchelite)
Blob Boss (currently Blob_Boss, a combination of blobact1a, blobact2)
HAARPFlamethrower (had to alter powestyle so would work in xml2)
Havok Boss (currently Havok_Boss, a combination of havokact2, havokboss)
Juggernaut Boss (currently Juggernaut_Boss, a combination of juggernautact3, juggernautflashback)
Magneto Boss (currently Magneto_Boss, a combination of magnetoact2, magnetoboss)
Marrow Boss (currently Marrow_Boss, a combination of marrowact1, marrowact3)
Multiple Man Boss (currently Madrox, multiplemandividing in XML1)
Mystique Boss (currently Mystique_Boss, a combination of mystiqueact1, mystiqueact3, mystiqueact2sim)
Pyro Boss (currently Pyro_Boss, a combination of pyroact1, pyrolite)
Sabretooth Boss (currently Sabretooth_Boss, a combination of sabretoothact1, sabretoothact2, sabretoothact3)
Toad Boss (currently Toad_Boss, toadact1 in XML1)

i also changed mystique skin stealing power, since i dont think it work as it should. now when she steals someone's form a power up is activated, when it runs out (20 seconds) a tag runs that forces the character to perform the "transform_back" node, which forces her to go back to her original skin through a skin change entry (the skin being her npc one). so now after 20 seconds after stealing someones skin, she goes back to her original skin.

If you plan on using it with the XML1-->XML2 Project you'll also need this one:
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ydmowzmimgm
- includes a change to mystique's powerstyle so that it works as it should with the XML1-->XML2 Project 
- also included some skin fixes.  While play testing the danger room i noticed that some characters got weird black lines all around them (like picture below).  I remember in the past when i had an error with the Danger Room Robot and the Leader norrin fixed it by reskinning one of the two.  So to fixed this i reskinned one of the Brotherhood Marauder using the Brotherhood Revo model since they both use the same model, and now i no longer get the weird black lines (the weird black lines appeared when both were together so i figure it has something to do with them sharing a similar model or maybe outline tag, don't really know). I also ran into this problem with most of the Acolyte Elite members (Master, Warrior, Adept, and regular), a mixture of PS2 and xbox models fixed it (again not sure why mixing them worked, but it did lol).  So i would suggest if you get this same error that you use these new skins instead.
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