xml2 unlocking characters

Started by grasutul98, August 21, 2010, 12:15AM

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hey.i have a question.can i use the unlocking characters cheat on pc with a psp console?

Let me get this straight you have a psp and you want to know can the unlock characters code for the pc work on the psp Right?
Here's the psp cheat to all ::Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Start( If you don't know go to the X-point to put it in )
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there is another way by copying the hero stat ( ect Prof.X Deadpool Ironman ) and putting it on someone else's place, like switching the spots of 2 herostat entries. And if it works , both will be unlocked , sometimes the one put on the spot of the locked hero becomes unlocked while the locked become unlocked.