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Started by Stealth02, November 17, 2010, 06:25AM

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November 17, 2010, 06:25AM Last Edit: December 29, 2010, 02:52AM by Stealth02
Hi,here are my creations ,im very sorry im only a beginner and next time i do my best !
<A HREF=""> </A>
Wolverine custom original costume

<A HREF=""></A>
Ultimate Wolverine bleeding with the logo X in the trousers

<A HREF=""></A>
Wolverine blue neons shirt

<A HREF=""></A>
Spider-man tron costume with red and blue color costume

<A HREF=""></A>
Gold Dr Doom armor

<A HREF=""></A>
An amalgam armor for Dr Doom

<A HREF=""></A>
Dark Daken

<A HREF=""></A>
Cooled Iron Man armor

I like the first one. I always preferred masked heroes instead of heroes without a mask.

very cool! good job!

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good skins. But I sugest you add muscle textures.

the Dark Daken costume is for Wolverine? i hoped it was for daken

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you can use the skin in whoever you wish.

@ Stealth02:

You've done a great job on your skins.  I couldn't download the last three -- Dr Doom (Amalgam), Daken (Dark),  and Iron Man (Cooled).
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Im\' sorry i\'ve been absent of Marvel Mods too much longer because my PC hard disk has crashed then i can\'t reupload i try if i can

Glad to see you are back, but I'm sorry to hear about your hard drive crash.  :(  That happened to me last summer and I'm still trying to recover things.  I hope you get things back to normal soon.
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