Marvel Heroes (2013 - 2017)

Started by White Queen, April 08, 2011, 04:55AM

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Marvel Heroes was an ok game, but (in my opinion) it paled in comparison to Ultimate Alliance. I can appreciate a different approach such as MMO, but it felt more like a cheap knock-off of MUA. Thankfully, I didn't spend money on this game's extras because I'm always cautious with my green. I'll spend some cash on DLC or extras if I really enjoy the game and want more -- Marvel Heroes wasn't one of those games. (Side note: I miss the days when you didn't have to pay extra for anything, and had to find hidden codes or beat the game to unlock something cool.)

Also, honestly with Marvel Mods banging out all of these character mods, skins, and features (DLC for free), we've set the bar extremely high for games in terms of replay value and fun factor. MUA was already a high quality game and our combined efforts improved it exponentially. By comparison, Marvel Heroes just didn't do it for me.

Farewell, Marvel Heroes... you had a good run, but evidently, not good enough.

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I agree with all of you, as a great fan of RPGs (my favourite game above all is The Elser Scroll V: Skyrim, and immediately after comes Marvel Ultimate Alliance) I really appreciate a full game where I can level up, discover and unlock new stuff without paying additional money. And MODS make those kind of games bigger and bigger, and basically endless...Moreover, you are forced to stop playing them only if something happen to your machine.
I'm not a fan of freemium games and I never spend a single coin on them; there are many reasons: you're forced to play online, when server goes down, you're down with them, sometimes you connect and you have the "SERVER OFFLINE, WE'RE UPDATING YOUR NEW AMAZING GAME, TRY AGAIN TOMORROW" and last but not least the worst, even worse then "pay to win": if they shut it down, you cannot play anymore your game. You just cannot do whatever you want whenever you want. For these reasons I actually think they were the ruin of gaming; just thnk about Gameloft, for istance. They produced mobile games, I followed them since the first Assassin's Creed mobile game, I saw their incredible growth age by age, bringing the mobile game at unbelievable level until 2011/2012 more or less. Then they switched to freemium games, and they got worse and worse, game by game (just think about the great flop of IronMan3 and later on).
One more example? I don't know how many of you like football (or soccer, for our friends from USA) but FIFA14  mobile on my smartphone was at the same level (or even better) of the FIFA07 I had still installed in my 15years old WinXP machine. But if you played the latest release...Well, I just refuse to make a single comment about them.

Marvel Heroes was surely not the best game, you had to buy Characters and Skin, which is something that made me really disappointed, and MMO playstyle is not so close to the RPG one, however it had some nice stuff, a lot of powers and passives per characters. But what makes me so sad are those sounds and models; my god such a shame.
Just think on all the Iron Man armors, the outfits and the voice of Venom, Ghost Rider, Spiderman, Black Panther, the X-Men, ...
Thankfully most modders already converted a lot of them, but if I think what Gazillion could have left us in the future months or years...Such a great loss! :(

Marvel Future Fight models are nice, but are clearly for mobile, they fit well in MUA, but will never be as good as MH ones.

For NA PS4 users. The refund has already begun in the morning. Sorry for the late news
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