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Started by Teancum, June 19, 2007, 04:46PM

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Quote from: Norrin Radd on July 29, 2007, 08:14PM
fbBuilder by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.0
fbBuilder Download

1. unzip exe and cfg file to a folder
2. place files you want compiled to an fb file type into that folder
3. create the cfg file using the instructions below
4. double click on fbBuilder.exe and enter your cfg file name, the output fb file will be CFGFILENAME.fb, where CFGFILENAME is your cfg file name

How to setup the cfg:
actual_file_name file_path_full file_type
where actual_file_name is the name of the file in the same directory as the exe, file_path full is the full path that is put in the fb, and file_type is the type of file
shared_nodes.engb data/shared_nodes.engb xml
An example cfg file is included, it is the cfg file for xml2 shared_nodes.fb

You need to make it yourself

I am so lost in this...experimentation time I guess.

Quote from: Norrin Radd on August 04, 2007, 03:30PM
if you use my fbextractor, you can put all the package files in a main folder, then use the program on each .fb file that you want extracted and it will extract all the igbs etc.

this way you dont have to care which .fb file its in, you can basically get all the files you need, then you never have to search again

Thanks for the upload.  So, I'm guessing that fbextractor and fbBuilder are the exception to using a hex editor?  Or No?  I'm currently extracting fb's and exploring their content.  I'm noticing a lot of familiar files that I've seen in the PC version.  I'm hoping that most of the user created characters that I've got will be able to play on the box.  (EX: DeeDoo's Havok, Idrinkdrpepper's Mysterio and Vision, and Cates' Quasar)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking that this fbExtracter/builder program(s) will cut the estimated 30-40hr conversion time considerably.

Guess I'll find out eventually!

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