PSP - colossus moonknight full working WITH sound.

Started by KaiserBreath, June 17, 2007, 02:15AM

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Colossus doesn't replace anyone, and technically neither does MK.  But there was only one extra mannequin slot so MK had to replace someone in that sense.  But the game seems to run fine with 29 characters in the herostat.

When I tried to download it onto my USB, it said that the mod has expired. Is there a problem? :confused: :scratchhead:

YSI is not reliable; files can only be host for 7 days for a free account! It used to have a really low download bandwidth limit, too. I hated it so much and never used it again... :soapbox:

Can Kaiser please replace YSI with something else like Momoshare? My comrade would like to download it to his PSP.

Just FYI, momoshare only allows for a 10mb upload. should hold a big enough file (500mb max).

If anyone's got this I'd appreciate a re-up.  I'm putting together a 'get-em-both-without-replacing-anyone' upgrade to it.  I just need the PSP-specific stuff.

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I downloaded the file,and it only has one herostat

So the only thing you have to do is replace the herostat?

Yes.  Then start a new game.  Your old saves won't work.

If anyone has the herostat.engb for this mod please upload it.  I'm going to host the file here at MarvelMods so we don't have broken link issues anymore

If someone tells me how to do it I'll put that herostat

Just upload it at SendSpace.  I'm doing what I can to provide instructions for each particular mod as I re-upload them.

Awesome, I'll re-package and reupload it with really basic instructions (I don't have a PSP) when I get home tonight

Updated the first post with a proper mod and a link that never expires

You get:
-Colossus and Moon Knight (they don't replace anyone, you still get all your old characters)
-Sounds for both of them

Instructions included in the download