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Started by SageLuis, June 03, 2008, 02:36PM

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hey i was thinking if some mua player can join to online playing some days even with mods on it :P one player makes a list of heroes they want in the game and that player makes the herostatcfg and just asemmbled that team

so let me know what do you think??

PS : Sorry if my english is not good i speak spanish though

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I would  like to! Problem is that we live in different time zones.

lol we just have to calculate the time :P details details details lol

can i join to your play XD?
i search for a long time a Online game

Yah we just have to decide which day and what time :P and most importaly the list of heroes we wanna have


So we've got all 4 players... YAY!
Now we have to calculate time (like SageLuis said).
And about hero list thing, if we're going to play with mods I would like to be Nightcrawler and sometimes She-Hulk. If we're not, I'm Deadpool or Black Panther.

i can give you to be Nightcrawler so in which day do we doing this?

it has to be on weekend :P

I can play today i think i'll stay all day on my computer since i'm doing some programs for the university

man give me your icq or massager  so we can took