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Started by Shin, June 23, 2011, 09:21AM

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Storm  Booster Update

Powers :

1 - Thunderstorm = Lightning bolts rains down on enemies repeatedly.
2 - Aerokinesis = Gives Storm the ability to lift and throw objects and enemies with the wind force.  $PT_HOLD
3 - Hurricane = Storm creates a powerful tornado that devastates everything in its path.  $PT_CHARGE
4 - Lightning Sphere = Lightning shoots from Storm's hands. The number of sphere(s) are increasing at higher level.  $PT_HOLD
5 - Freeze Beam = Sends out a beam, freezing enemies for a time. If the frozen enemy receives a Critical hit, enemy will shatter. $PT_HOLD
6 - Summoning Storms = Summons storms that damages and slows enemies for a time.
7 - Lightning Force = Storm creates a massive lightning explosion which destroys everything if successful.
8 - Mist Cover = Becomes invisible to enemies and increases chance to dodge all attacks.
9 - Elemental Shield  =  Adds $DMG_ELECTRICITY, $DMG_COLD and $DMG_WIND to all melee attacks, absorbs $DMG_ELEMENTAL, $DMG_ENERGY, and $DMG_RADIATION for Storm and damages those that touch her and raises the elemental resistance.
10 - Thunder Struck = Ultimate lightning attack.  Does extra damage against slowed, stunned, and frozen enemies.

Thunderstorm New Effect

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Hurricane New Effect

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Freeze Beam Effect

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Download :

Credits & Special Thanks To

Nowhere Man

Download Boosters other links below

Version 0.2 Download:
Version 0.3 Download:
Version 0.4 Download:
Version 0.5 Download:
Version 0.6 Download:
Version 0.7 Download:

Magneto Booster


Magnetic Pulse A bolt of magnetic energy that damages all enemies in its path.
Magnetic Beam Use Magneto's magnetic powers to grab objects and enemies and throw them with magnetic force.  $PT_HOLD
Magnetic Explosion Magneto charges up and unleashes an explosion damaging all nearby enemies.  Any enemy approaching the field takes damage.  $PT_HOLD
Shockwaves A concussive blast of magnetic energy that radiates in front of Magneto.  $PT_HOLD
Magnetic Toss Magneto hurls metal projectiles around the screen directing it wherever he wishes.
Scrap Blades Creates flying blades and hurls them at enemies.
Magnetic Stream Launch a continuous stream of magnetic energy beam towards enemies.  $PT_HOLD
Magnetic Trap Magneto sets a magnetic trap that release a magnetic energy when activated by enemies.
Magnetic Shield A protective shield surrounds Magneto consisting of magnetic energy.
Metallic Mayhem Magneto causes a magnetic storm and summons pieces of metal that rain down on his enemies.  His attack also increases $DMG inflicted by other Extreme attacks.

Passive Ability
Mental Immunity 100% immune to $DMG_Mental

Magnetic Stream Effect

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Credits & Special Thanks To

My Sincere Thanks 

Doctor Strange Booster


Mystic Bolts:Fires random bolts at enemies.Higher ranks increase the number of bolts.
Levitation:Levitates enemies and objects.
Eldritch Aura:Conjures pixies that will follow Dr. Strange and swarm any enemy that comes nearby.
Black Magic:Throws a ball of energy toward an enemy resulting in $DMG_PHYSICAL and a chance of turning the enemy into a crate.Higher ranks increase the number of spheres.
Mind Wipe:Mind controls enemies, switching them to your team.
Aura Petrified:Turns enemies into stone on his back.
Falteen Flame:Arcane shockwave attack that launches enemies around you away.
Eye of Agamotto: Raises $HP and $EP regeneration rates for party and removes status ailments from allies within range.  Costs a percent of Dr. Strange's max $HP.
Seraphim's Shield: Creates a magical forcefield that will deflect projectile,beams attacks and damage melee attackers.
Mystic Maelstrom:Damages enemies onscreen with a chance to change all stunned, frozen, or slowed enemies into Xtreme Pips.

Mystic Bolts Effects 1

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Effect 2

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Levitation Effect

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Black Magic Effect

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Falteen Flame Effect

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Aura Petrified Effect

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Eldritch Aura Effect

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Eye of Agamotto Effect

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Seraphim's Shield Effect

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Flying Effect

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Credits & Special Thanks To
Nowhere Man

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Cool! Definitely gonna check it out :)

Awesome! Gonna have to give this a try.

I added a new power for Storm COLD SNAP hope you enjoy.
Sorry if do not have pictures is that I'm not able to post them.
I ask your help Thank you

I put the style of movement and struggle of Ms. Marvel

Yay new effect! It's always exciting to see new updates from you ;D

Thanks I am very grateful to have appreciated and thanks for the tips

Great! I need to test it! :)

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Anyone know any program to make skins

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 I am creating a new power for the Storm Water Blast Image:

the power looks great although im not a big fan of the bubbles.

If you look under your pic on the right side and click embed image then take the code and copy and paste it here

LOL nice mod!
but its really reminding mvc.......
but still i liked it! :storm: