P.Frost's skins Catwoman's and Alice Coated, and Chun Li as X-MEN

Started by P.Frost, June 23, 2011, 08:35PM

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thnx Rogue : D If only I could get them to work thou : S

ok these 2 skins are inspired by this pic

probably will do Rogue sometime soon and by most of the DeeDoo skins cuz he uses his imaginaton a lot on his skin reather then doing already existing and he does awesome job and it and also by nuhverah skins and my fave vintage effect which she always uses on her pics so here they are:
Note: this is also kind of a tribute to midnight for helping me for hours to actually make my 1st skin xD so this is for u I guess : D

and Pinkish one:
Note: these are inspired by Jeans pink powers in xml2 which I love to be pink and by nuhverah skins so here it goes :

hope u like it : D

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Of caurse I love it P Frost! Great job!
I advise you to change the name of  your topic. Your skins are amazing!

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ahahahah ty Rogue : D and nah xD Its easier for me to track it this way xDD but ty : D I will try do some Rogue sometime soon maybe even today O_O idk xD

Great! Can't wait!

† Reach Heaven before the devil learns of your death †

Gorgeous skins! Definitely will make a great addition to my collection! :D

Will any of your skins work in MUA?  Thanks for creating them.
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I really dont know : S mua lags like hell on my comp and crashes a lot so I cant really check : S but I did use ps2 mua as model for my jean skin so it will probably work but idk for Emma : S and np : D ty for seeing them : D

As long as you use the ps2 skins, then they'll work for both MUA and XML2. And very awesome skins. I actually found that picture a long time ago and my sister sent it to me as a "gift" I guess. I was wondering how those would look as a skin for the game, now I'll know lol.

xD yea I remmber this pic from like 5 years ago and when I saw it I was like cool outfits xD so I kinda had to try them

I love the Phoenix one, great job!

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