remove esrb

Started by brandonmeek, June 25, 2011, 11:44AM

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I know there is a post about removing most of the beginning scenes, and in my search for the answer to building second simulator i happened upon the file to get rid of the esrb notice, therefore making it even faster for us to get to the game :)

In the main directory of game there is a configuration file called build, open this up with text editor, if your like me you'll have to give yourself permission, do this by right clicking going to settings, edit permissions and allow all of the permissions for all users, then in the text at bottom of file there is one line of code:


change this to "no" and your game when you start will go to loadscreen with the heroes on front and then straight to load game.

Yeah I forgot how to do it before, so I have been seeing that damn ESRB every since I reinstalled MUA a year ago. This should come in handy, thanks for posting it.