Techon 7's Armory (Mercury Updated)

Started by Techon 7, July 01, 2011, 10:57PM

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Quote from: heynow90 on March 12, 2014, 04:21AM
So glad to see I was useful for update your Mercury mod !

For the things you need, I'm sorry but right now I'm really busy. I'll try ti finish your icons as you say. One question: " Mace Slam! ins't a hammer like Thor ?? What do you mean with "mace" ? Sorry again, but I have troubles with english laguage !
Don't worry. Take your time. You've already helped her along a lot.

Now, it's kinda funny how you have images in your mind of things, but when asked to describe you don't know what to say. What I mean by mace is a ball with spikes on it. (I remember her doing it a few times.) I believe that loki's trolls, have maces as their weapons. If you can just remove the handle, that might work.

Mercury version .96 is released. I fixed the glitch with one of her passives. I also made an herostat edit that you may not want to use, but if you downloaded sbarth13's mod updates, have fun.

Thank you very much for your work, especially for Mercury! I searched her for ages! Thank you, sir!


So I happened to come across this character mod project of Techon 7's in his old Recruitment Center thread, which had been left hosted on Mediafire, abruptly unfinished since Xmas 2014.

Out of curiosity, I downloaded it to have a look and upon discovering that it wasn't too far off from actually being completed, I decided to take it upon myself and properly finish Blindfold on behalf of Techon 7, who unfortunately never took the time to finish her themselves and has been gone from this community since mid 2017.

All I've personally done is properly hexedit Blindfold's skin, add some aesthetic materials, create a voice & sound pack and clean up the talents & powerstyle files a little, of unnecessary leftover coding from Elektra and proofreading errors. Everything else is all Techon's, exactly as it was when last edited in 2014. So if Techon ever reads this, I hope you understand that finalising Blindfold for release, was done entirely out of respect.

Now you can all enjoy this underrated X-Men member largely as intended in 2021. Have fun!

-4 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using archived audio of Alyson Stoner's voice for Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 3.
-Uses assigned number #51 (will clash with Kamala Khan, Saint Seiya's Aquarius and The Darkness in mannequin. Will also clash with one skin from Saint Seiya's Aquarius and Kamala Khan as well).

-A mannequin.

1. Look Out, Yes: Blindfold warns her allies, yes, about attacks that are heading their way, no.
2. Precognitive Strike: Blindfold uses her precognitive power, no, to hit her enemies, yes, where they will get hurt most.
3. Yes, you missed: Blindfold sees the future, no, and moves to counter an enemy's attack. If timed correctly, yes, she will reflect some of the enemy's attack damage back at him, yes.
4. Clairvoyant Roundhouse: A radial melee attack, she does.
5. (Debuff) She did, Read: Blindfold reads the minds of enemies within range, yes, increasing all damage taken by them for a time.
6. (Boost) Retrocognitive Experience: She sees what skills enemies have used in the past to increase the rate at which her learns.
7. (Boost) Clairvoyant Thought: Blindfold shares her clarivoyance with her team, yes, showing nearby enemies on the map, and increasing damage, please.
8. (Xtreme) Mental Blast: Blindfold uses her mental powers to attack all enemies on the screen and stun them.  If the enemy is already stunned, then they will be hit for 50% of their life.

Techon 7- Original Blindfold mod files
Aventureiromax- Blindfold Messiah Complex skin
Ceamonks890- HUD, loading screen, icons, voice/sound file
Outsider- Counter coding

Download link:

Wow, I'm glad someone was able to finish her.

Funny story is that I wouldn't have seen this if not for an email I had received yesterday.

So confession time, I started having trouble with MUA running, and feeling a bit frustrated with some things, that I just stealthed, so sorry for vanishing on everyone.

Just kind of dealt with shame from having a lot of plans that I didn't follow through with.

Anyway I'm alive and healthy, and going through my own personal journey which has been awhile, but I like where I'm headed.

Even if the view of it is still kind of foggy.

Anyway, I'm glad Ceamonks890 got Blindfold to a place where you all can enjoy her.

And if anyone remembers me from back then or just wants to chat, I apparently still get PM notifications in my email. And I do have some other socials as well, that I'm active on.

So if you've read this far, I hope you have a great rest of your day.