Deedooo's Mods [20/3/2013] Hulkling, Wiccan, Speed 1.1, Patriot, Havok

Started by Quentin Hex, August 04, 2011, 10:30AM

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My Mods:

Havok: See below
Young Avengers:

My Skins are here:,4191.0.html
My boosters are here:,3779.0.html

:havok: Click for Download :havok:

This is the first mod I've actually completed, so I'd appreciate your feedback and if you reported any bugs you find. I figure I'm not original or good enough at coding to do a mod that's unique gameplay-wise so I tried to make one that has a unique visual aspect. There is already a Havok mod (by boreman), but it's in the Stage 2 category so I figured the forum could use a full one. The idea behind the power-set was to create a progression of more and more focused attacks so that he gains more control over his powers after he levels up.

(Starjammers, Mutant X, Containment Suit (XML2), Age of Apocalypse

Bonus Skins (click through for pics): Classic, Goblin Prince, First Class (movie), Ultimate

Powers (Click names for previews):
Plasma Stream: Channel a continuous stream of plasma energy down Havok's arms.
Plasma Discharge: Charge an enemy with explosive energy that will blow up after a time. Picture of the victim.
Plasma Blast: Create an explosive outward blast of plasma, throwing back enemies in a radius.
Plasma Bolts: Rapidly shoot balls of plasma energy at enemies, keeping popped up enemies in the air longer.
Plasma Beam: A highly focused beam of plasma beam that can split off and hit multiple enemies.
Energized Fists: Adds energy damage to melee attacks for self and allies.
Recharge Team: Direct metabolized energy into the team, greatly decreasing energy spending for entire party for a time.
Solar Overload: Intense plasma explosion that delivers widely varying energy damaging to enemies.

Future Updates:
Alternate powerstyle with stuff from his XML1 npc
Fixes to any bugs found

Nodoubt_jr: Compiling various things and bug fixing/other sorts of peer review
BLaw: Advice, mannequin, hq quicksilver model.
Blizz: Pyro mod conversion that I based some of my codes on
Scabbia: Compiling huds
Broly: Compiling icons
Kiadar: Grabbing the classic skin screenshot
Tell me if I forgot anyone!

Amazing! The effects and skins look brilliant. Can't wait to try.

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Just downloaded, I will test right now.

Thank you for release.


I just try and really was very good.

Only one small problem with the icons. In talent files the icon numbers are one, but in the powerstile the numbers are others.

I hope this helps.

Great release Deedooo, thank you for that.

He looks great can't wait to test!

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Looks awesome, the skins are great and the mod looks really good. Congrats on your first mod release.
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Good job Dee❖Dooo  :thumbsup:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

thanks everyone for the nice words :]

Quote from: kiadar on August 04, 2011, 10:42AM
I just try and really was very good.

Only one small problem with the icons. In talent files the icon numbers are one, but in the powerstile the numbers are others.

I hope this helps.

Great release Deedooo, thank you for that.
i know they're different, does it make a big difference in the gameplay? cause it seemed to work fine when I tested it.

Congratulations on your first mod, deedoo!  It's cool to have so many skins to choose from.  You did an exceptional job on the skin tone and abs of the Goblin Prince skin.  It will be fun to see the new visual effects first hand.  Thanks.
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Congrats Deedooo!!! You mod looks really neat.

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OMG this is great!

EDIT: Gonna get mixed w/ MUA2's Havok from UV & 2 Official XML skins for collection & GP (gameplay)
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Wow i didn't even know you released it it looks AWESOME!! love that new texture effect :D.
and Congrats on your 1st mod he looks great hope to see more from you :)

Congrats on the release! He looks really promising, definitely gonna try him out sometime<3
btw love your new adorable! :3

You did this! Great job! I'll test this amazing mod!

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Nice Deedoo :D.

Love the Movie skin :), perfect detail :D
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hey man, awesome job with Havok mod, i was playing with Havok, and i have an  USB joystick, but when i play with havok, doesnt appear the powers in the Quick Power menu, and i cant use the powers of him, the only power i can use is the first one, maybe you can check it out, because its an awesome mod like i said before ;)