Edward mods Release 5/2012 - Mysterio, Loki, Medusa Released

Started by edward, August 12, 2011, 11:52AM

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Medusa mod version 1

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?x6xc4r5x7fl67yd

nodoubt_jr for textures and boltons of Carnage that I used as base
midnightphoenix123 for skins

Yay I am so excited to see her :D I am so sorry I couldn't get the other skins finished you asked me to do. I have one of them nearly finished its just school is keeping me, but I will surely make them soon!

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AWW man, it times like these that I really wished I had xml2.  I hope someone can make a vid to show how Madame Medusa plays.  But even though I can't play it, I am sure it is awesome Edward.  :D

BTW I saw the icon/power name for hair whip and immediately I thought of willow smith's whip my hair song........*shudders*.
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Thanks! I had a hard time with her, I was pulling my own hair while working on her. I'm gonna make a preview video with all my mods soon.

Well, the rumors were true!  You really did complete what many said was "the impossible" -- a Medusa mod!!!  Congratulations.

Maybe someday it will be converted to MUA.  She is one of the top three mods I have always requested.  But still, it is a huge accomplishment!
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Quote from: edward on May 01, 2012, 02:53PM
Thanks! I had a hard time with her, I was pulling my own hair while working on her. I'm gonna make a preview video with all my mods soon.

Sweet!  :laola: I can't wait, especially since I want to see some of your other mods in action as well.
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Thanks fox456 and 4elementsefww, I think tomorrow I'll get time to make the video.

Sweet! It's really fantastic mod. I think it was very hard to make it, isn't it? But Medusa is wonderful!

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Willow Smith got nothing on Medusa!! I wish I had XM2 right about  now ... The move called"Get out of my way" I find it interesting...

She pushes the enemy causing a knockback. I thought it was a way to show her being mean and not having all her powers that have to do with her hair.

I don't play a modded XML2 now but in checking this side of the forumn, i soo wish i did. Just by looks alone so many of your mods look great.

I do hope one day either you or someone else could convert some of these for the MUA side. Some of your versions seem pretty cool even for the ones we have unfinished versions of in MUA.

Dreams are dreams and hopefully one day they come to reality :)
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What he said ^^.  These mods make me want to go out and buy XML2, just so I can check out Medusa and Loki.

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