Edward mods Release 5/2012 - Mysterio, Loki, Medusa Released

Started by edward, August 12, 2011, 11:52AM

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Yeah they will be release soon except maybe Mandarin who needs tweaking.

Loki will have teleport ability and Mysterio I would like to add blue fire effect to his skin but I can't recolor fire texture so I love the mod how it is just add the voice :D I might give all skins proper 3d heads not sure.


I also believe Loki was missing teleportation. As for Mysterio, I love him the way he was. What tweaking does Mandarin need? If you need different power sounds, I can help you with the sounds. Just ask. :)

Heya I'm here to talk about Domino it seems her Grenade explosion sprite explodes into yellow & pink squares would you happen to know how to fix that?

yo im not sure if u figured out your pink and yellow missing textures problem, but I'll bet the textures your missing are likely ones from MUA. there are downloads around for those textures

Yes this are the textures you need I had a link in the main post but figure people probably download them from the main thread sorry http://www.mediafire.com/?m40weujlznw

I added a fixed version of Firestar to the first page that fixes her sounds. I sent it to Edward a few months ago but it never got uploaded here. The original link is still there, I just put the new one right under it.