souledge1313's skins (NEW: Layla Miller and a ton of Cuckoos)

Started by souledge1313, January 20, 2008, 03:35PM

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Thanks! :)

I probably won't have that many skins up over the next few days... I've decided that I'm going to attempt to do a Siryn mod.
Layla Miller is love.

Even the Ultimate Psylocke one? O_o
Layla Miller is love.

You've got the colours right, that's (imo) good enough to say it looks good

Okay, then. :)

Up next is another Siryn... I'm not sure which costume I'm doing yet, though.
Layla Miller is love.

Sorry that I didn't get any skins in today, non-existant fans! (lol. I can't believe I'm actually typing this...) The Siryn mod decided it wanted to be evil and not work!  :banghead:  :soapbox: I found out what the problem was, though... I SHOULD have another Siryn skin up tomorrow!
Layla Miller is love.

I added another Siryn skin, just like I said I would. :)
Layla Miller is love.

Added my crap-tastic Civilian Siryn skin and my pretty good Young X-Men Blindfold skin.

Also, whether Terry ever works out or not, I plan on attempting a Blindfold mod.
Layla Miller is love.

Added all of the skins that got sorta deleted 'cause the site was down for a little bit again.

Also added my newly-finished "X-Force Celeste" skin. It was... really challenging but really fun. xD
I know that the actual Cuckoo wasn't specified in the comics.
I just made it Celeste 'cause I prefer Celeste over the other two Cuckoos, and I prefer that outfit over the other two outfits. lol.

Changed the pics of the skins that I like the best to higher resolution images.
There are two images of "PJs Celeste" because the team-management screen lighting really screws with how the skin looks.

I'm tired.
I'ma go to bed now. xD
Layla Miller is love.

Hello, I was looking for Stepford Cuckoos skins and found these awesome ones but their links are down, so could you please reupload them? or anyone has them? Thanks.