nshinnosuke's NEW MODS - She Hulk, X-23,Deadpool, Ultimate Jean Grey booster,

Started by nshinnosuke, September 08, 2011, 09:49AM

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started a new thread since my last one was really old,


Gambit :

Deadpool booster


Ultimate Jean Grey booster  :phoenix: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,7214.msg133615.html#msg133615

She-Hulk  :shehulk:


X-23  :x-23:


Iron Man Mini booster
  :stark: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,7214.msg133825.html#msg133825

includes skins by Deedoo,Shafcrawler and BLaw (optional)
I think this is the most definitive Jean Grey powerset, it has all 3 of her powers (Telekinetic,Telepathic,Phoenix) at lower levels halfway throughout the game she starts as a weak character with only her mutant powers and later she gains her Phoenix powers
and don't worry, this isn't the stupid ridiculously insane overpowered phoenix from last year, it mostly has new powers
report errors and bugs here

NEW DOWNLOAD LINK : https://www.mediafire.com/file/3zdh2e19cv2jz13/Ultimate_Jean_Grey_booster_by_nshinnosuke_%255Bupdated%255D.rar/file
(fixed talent files and added psylocke's effect)

preview :


Grab smash

Knockback attack


Psychic Scream ( also weakens enemies' attack)

Psionic Lift (hold enemies in the air) *effect has been replaced for the moment , permission still pending

Psionic Firebirds (fires up to 7 piercing birds, causing stun)

Pyrokinetic Blast (MUA2 next gen power)

Phoenix Fury rapid tap loop (notice those floating small rocks? yeahh this is even closerrr to that MUA2 version which lifts small destroyed objects' pieces during power loop/rapid tap)

end of phoenix fury

Telekinetic shield (may deflect projectiles and reduce damage taken)

Dark Phoenix (you have to be at level 25, which means after being able to unlock all of her powers, makes sense huh? it increases her damage as well as increasing skill levels to her learned powers)

Phoenix Force beginning

Phoenix Force raptor
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

Wow this booster is amazing work, probably one of the best I seen. And I love how her boosts makes her into dark Phoenix and all the effects look nice.

Uhmm, I got two missing textures, one at the Dark phoenix power (head) and one on the psionic firebird power (head as well)?

Otherwise, great booster :D
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GREAT mod i love the effects but i got to ask what mod did you use to get jean herself? :applause: :applause: :applause:

P.S sorry for my bad english.........

Quote from: Polygone on September 08, 2011, 11:03AM
Uhmm, I got two missing textures, one at the Dark phoenix power (head) and one on the psionic firebird power (head as well)?

Otherwise, great booster :D
I'm having the same troubles as you do Polygone XD

uhh totally forgotten about that, I didnt put Jeanfan's textures which I'm using for this mod,
updated first post with updated link.
sorry for the inconvenience
if more problem appears just collect them here
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

just found out that Psionic Firebirds touches the ground once fired, fixed the first post for the third time...
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

Looks really cool!
Good job with her new booster :)
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Quote from: nshinnosuke on September 08, 2011, 09:49AM
decided to remove Dihan's psylocke effect for one of her powers since I haven't received any reply for permission
used whiteking/shadowslacks' effect instead (not yet pictured or recorded)

For that Effect that you were trying to use from dihan, did you check to make sure that it is not in the MUA2 assets folder?  I think dihan's mod is supposed to be the MUA2 version.  It might contain that effect, and dihan just used it from the MUA2 Assets pack.

BTW the booster looks awesome! :)
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WOW! This looks amazing! I love it :D I cant wait to test her out!

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WOW! This looks awesome! Great booster!  I try to install now. Good work!!

:storm: :phoenix:

I'm so glad you released this booster my friend! I'm glad that my little suggestion with the effect sped up the process ;) As I said before I think this is my favorite version of Jean so far :D