nshinnosuke's NEW MODS - She Hulk, X-23,Deadpool, Ultimate Jean Grey booster,

Started by nshinnosuke, September 08, 2011, 09:49AM

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will someone help me?
i have bugs:
-jean's voice is gone when i choose phoenix skin....
-effects like flight and phoenix force don't come up....
-the effects work sloppier when the skin is not phoenix....
please help me as soon as possible.

Quote from: nshinnosuke on September 10, 2011, 10:45AM
I think I've fixed the talent file for upgrading her powers in the last rar file, have you tried it? or probably I forgot to put the new one there
Oh no but i'll download it and see ;)

Iron Man mini booster

DOWNLOAD : https://www.mediafire.com/file/ijyaoku1xnt85gp/Iron_Man_mini_booster_by_nshinnosuke.rar/file

-adds 3 new powers : Uni Beam , AP Rockets and Avenging Overload
-renamed the 'old' unibeam to Micropulse Barrage
-Rocket Uppercut now dashes towards enemies like in MUA2 (next gen)

Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

This looks amazing!

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Beaiutiful and fantastic job!

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Do i need the real Jean Grey mod to install the Ultimate Jean Grey Booster or is it a mod on its own?


I tried her but  i have problems.
The icons of her powers are wierd they are either green or gone. She doesnt have melee. As well as her charge attack doesnt have an animation but the effect work however> Please help about the melee i believe i must get the Characters Pack or whatever it was called xD

Yep offical characters pack,
And I would recommend to dl the original mod ;)
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can u give a link i downloaded one but im not soooo sure its the real jean grey mod