Anything on the XBOX Gold edition players getting modded for PC?

Started by kerrgen, July 04, 2007, 11:01AM

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I am dying to get the new charcters. Mainly :hulk_icon:Hulk! I have played with the Tommy boy skins. They are great and no disrespect intended, I really want the new hulk character. I don't know much about extracting characters from other gaming systems, but I will help if I can. I have sent e-mails to Activision requesting an expansion for PC, to no avail. They just keep sending me the same "We don't release information about upcoming games as it may change" generated e-mail. I want the characters, and don't mind having to buy an expansion pack. It was worth it for LOTR and Diablo II. But there are those that argue this whole game should have been a X-Men Legends expansion. I am not one to argue that, I just want the Hulk. If they have to come out with MUA 2 and make me buy yet another video card to keep up so be it! But bring it on!

i remember reading a while ago in one of the threads that if we make a collection of money and pay for someone to make a plugin for a meshing/model sofware package that they may be able to port to igb. now dont quote me on this as it was a long time ago i read it. i forget if it was teancum or someone else that was talking about this. but i dont know if it would work for the DLC skins.

Edit: this is what i am talking about
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seems pretty cool if we could get this working wink wink
especially if you're dying --> quote from 1st post "I am dying"

Thanks for the link. However I am unclear as to the donation instructions. Should I look up 3d Object and start a discussion there? I was thinking there might be a way to just pester Activision collectively to release a PC expansion.

you will have to wait till Teancum or someone else who knows more about it reads this thread. hopefully they will respond. i'm sure many people are/would be interested in getting the DLC skins in the pc game. And maybe using this program, editing models/meshes of characters in the original mua game is possible as i dont think this is possible at the moment, i think we can only change the skins themselves (the colors of the characters) but not the actual 3d model.
This may open up more possibilities for creating characters, as far as i understand anyway.

A lot of characters are being made, but most won't end up exactly like they do in the DLC.  We're trying to do what we can to make them just like the DLC or better. 

--Hulk has been released using some reskins of an old XML2 model, and if you prefer Tommyboy2002 has released his Hulk meshes for use.
--Cyclops was basically done before the DLC came out, but the 'marvel moddders' (a special group of forum users) are updating him to be more like the DLC.
--Nightcrawler has a beta out, but it's not exactly like the DLC either.  He needs some work to be 100%, but he'll probably be a mix of DLC and XML2 powers.
--Hawkeye was released with one PC model, but he's the PSP version.  He's being updated.
--Venom is being worked on, but needs PC models built.  He's coming along nicely but he's one of those characters that's not on the top of modeler's lists
--Sabertooth I'm not sure on.  I don't really follow him as a character.  So I've never cared to much about playing him since he's basically a Wolverine clone
--Magneto has a beta out, not sure how far along he is.  He's more a boss character to me than a playable.  Someone else could probably tell ya more.
--Dr. Doom is being worked on by CVC, but I think he's only going to have one skin.  Most of the community doesn't like him as a playable in MUA.  Take a look at the "Help with Boltons and XML2 bad guys" thread for info.

Quote from: teancumIf we're looking for a solution when it comes down to getting 360 models, there's a program called 3D Object Converter.  He often updates his program to include new formats.  Give him a recent IGB, let him know we can extract the textures, and we raise money to have him support IGBs.  (The Look at me I'm trying to advertise so ban me now does cost like 30 bucks, but we'd only need a few registrations for Tommy, etc).  We ask just for export w/UV ability, and bingo -- we can re-import models into Max.  It's more of a last-ditch effort as we'd have to raise a bit of dough, but if we get stuck, that's where we can go with it.

How would we get a hold of this guy, and how much do you think it would actually cost to get this done?  I'd personally like to re-import some of the official models into max, as well as convert the DLC models for use on the PC.  That would be swell.
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