Magneto mod version 1.9.1 (Z) (fully compatible with OC 1.2)

Started by Dark_Mark, July 07, 2007, 01:33PM

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Quote from: Magneto on December 23, 2007, 08:46AM
i'd really like to see a less muscular magneto model, you know, like McKellen in the xmen movies
(i like the look of marvel characters in the movies). after all, he doesn't need muscles, he's the Master of Magnetism!
meanwhile, if you check my topic in "model releases and conversions", i've made this
(i had already made it for legends II, so it's just a conversion)

Why are you advertising your stuff in someone else's release thread.....?

December 23, 2007, 02:01PM #106 Last Edit: December 23, 2007, 02:04PM by Magneto
because i was talking about the Magneto from live action movies, who wears that suit.
AND, since this topic is about the magneto mod for MUA, this skin can be used with this mod

sorry if it sounded inappropriate! :shy:

December 29, 2007, 03:34PM #107 Last Edit: December 29, 2007, 03:48PM by Dark_Mark
Here's a little something for the upcoming new year!

  • Most of the sound files are now included in the pack (credit goes to Teancum for this)

  • Darkened the purple colour in Classics' textures

  • Mannequin's cape no longer sticks out from the back

  • Fixed minor texture bugs

As always, check the first post for download links!
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

All of these mods are for PC only.  There's a small Xbox mod and a smaller PS2 mod, but nothing for the next-gen systems.

Both console mods are made by Moderator Teancum.

I believe that one member is also learning how to mod the PSP.

And thirdly, this is not the right place to ask this.

I've just added some X-Box models. I can only hope that they work correctly, as I can't check them myself. Do not hesitate to inform me if any errors occur.
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

This one works, thank you very much!
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

hey everyone im new here so can you like tell me his attacks??

His attacks are the same you see in the Xbox 360 DLC. But just this once and only once.

Magnetic Pulse: A bolt of magnetic energy that damages all enemies in its path.

Magnetic Beam: Use Magneto's magnetic powers to grab objects and throw them with magnetic force.

Magnetic Explosion: Magneto charges up and unleashes an explosion damaging all nearby enemies. Any enemy approaching the field takes damage.

Shockwaves: A concussive blast of magnetic energy that radiates in front of Magneto.

Magnetic Toss: Magneto hurls a metal projectile around the screen directing it wherever he wishes. Hold button and use the left analog stick to steer projectile.

Magnetic Shield: A protective shield surrounding Magneto consisting of magnetic energy. Shield has a chance to deflect projectiles.

Dark Energy: Temporarily increases all party members skill and outfit ranks. (Must already have at least one point spent in the ability.)

Metallic Mayhem (XML2 Xtreme): Magneto causes a magnetic storm and summons pieces of metal that rain down on his enemies.  His attack also increases damage inflicted by other Extreme attacks.

but ya know you said all his attacks in 360 how come he doesnt have magnetic crush

and what do you mean by 'this once and only once?'

anyway thanks

and his extreme in 360 was magnetic storm!