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Author Topic: Magneto mod version 1.9.1 (Z) (fully compatible with OC 1.2)  (Read 167607 times)

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Re: Magneto mod version 1.9.1 (Z) (fully compatible with OC 1.2)
« Reply #255 on: January 18, 2013, 04:18am »
Fox, if you go to the first page, there's a link to the mod on his DeviantArt account. If you open the link and scroll down on that page a bit, there should be a download option on the right-hand side of it.

Or if you're feeling too lazy (I don't blame you, haha) here's the direct link to the download:

LOL!  Thanks for the link.  I actually did check DarkMark's deviant art page for the link before I posted here.  I must have overlooked it.  I'm going to try again now!

EDIT:  Sure enough -- the link is there!!!  Thanks again.
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