PS2skinner V1.0 RELEASED

Started by Norrin Radd, July 10, 2007, 06:07PM

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Thanks will do.  Also PS2 skins work in MUA right?  If so I will put the custom Jeans in the MUA forum as well.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Yes, they do!!! :D

EDIT: I can see that lots of sexy Jean GreyS are coming to MUA!!!

Quote from: matt710 on July 23, 2007, 09:53PM
Thank You So Much!!!!  It finally worked!!!  I ended up putting it in documents and settings (where the directory was going) and it worked. Thanks again.

yes, finally, quick tip, this will help you, type this when you open the command line:
cd c:\ps2skinner
this will bring you to the ps2skinner directory, i think thats where you put it, then run the program from there and put all your files in that folder

Congrats btw :wiggle:

if you use 'cd c:\ps2skinner' you wont have to put everything on the desktop, just put it in ps2skinner folder

Just a note for anyone who care:

If you forget to specify the dimensions of the texture (eg 128 128) in the CFG file, then your computer will freeze while importing the DDS into the IGB file. I think the program was trapped into an endless loop that overflows the RAM... haha ^^" After I restart my computer, I found that the IGB becomes 1.88 Gigabytes (instead of 133 Killobytes).

Another note:
(im not sure if this was already discussed)
If you forget to write the .dds file, it will say that the .cfg file is not setup correctly, but actually the file is setup correctly, you just need to write the value for which .dds file you want

ps2skinner -xdds majumbdar.igb
will give an error about .cfg file, even though there may be no problem with the cfg file. just do
ps2skinner -xdds majumbdar.igb

The Link is down could you please reupload it. Quick question for this program I dont need the skin bmp file right? just the offset?

NR Skinner is what you should use now.  It handles all of the different texture types.

Quick question when I tried editing a skin red comes out as brown all the colors are wrong is there something I miss?

Make sure you have the right palette offset (you need to add +1 to the palette offset you find with texture finder).