HeroSelect V1.6 RELEASED (international language support)

Started by Norrin Radd, July 08, 2007, 12:34AM

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July 08, 2007, 01:32PM #15 Last Edit: July 08, 2007, 01:54PM by Norrin Radd
now that i've read the idiots guide i think it will be pretty easy to make this hero_stat editing to work

edit: the only thing i would need to change is the menulocation entry, is this correct?
and does the actual order in the herostat file matter?

one more question, are the first (defaultman) and last (see below) entries necessary in the herostat file?
last entry:
   stats {
   autospend = support ;
   isteam = true ;
   name = team_character ;
   skin = 0002 ;
   xpexempt = true ;

July 08, 2007, 02:25PM #16 Last Edit: July 08, 2007, 02:34PM by iammingy
Order shouldn't matter in the herostats, I think.

Let me explain how the text file should work a little bit:

Like the cfg file in SkinnerUI, you need a way to orgainze the herostat library. For example:

QuoteXMLB characters {
     stats {
[[[[ #Juggernaut_BliZZ#
     stats {
            //content of herostat
            menulocation = X ;
[[[[ #Ms_Marvel_MUA#
     stats {
            //content of herostat
            menulocation = X ;
[[[[ #Name-of-character_author#
     stats {
            //content of herostat N
            menulocation = X ;
[[[[ #Omega_Red_cvc#
     stats {
            //content of herostat
            menulocation = 18 ;
[[[[ #Psylocke_Burning Rage#
     stats {
            //content of herostat
            menulocation = X ;
   stats {
<<<<END>>>> //indicates the end of the library//


#X# defines the name of the herosat (character and author)
[[[[X]]]] defines the start and end of herostat for each character; anything between #'s will not be included
menulocation = X ; means the character can be placed anywhere (no limitations)
menulocation = integer ; means the character has preference to be placed at the specifed location

You can make a user interface that display the list of characters in the library like this with a check box beside each character:

[ ] Juggernaut_BliZZ
[ ] Ms_Marvel_MUA
[ ] Omega_Red_cvc
[ ] Name-of-character_author
[ ] Psylocke_Burning Rage

Check all of them will generate a herostat of 5 characters.

EDIT: I know this is doable in Java, so it should also be doable in C++. :D The only thing you have to solve is to execute xmlb-compile.exe in your program.

sorry, no gui (not yet anyway)
so i can just keep all the menulocations = X, and that would be ok? or do you suggest putting a value

you can let them stay as X, if the use has a really strong preference, then they can change them themselves... but conflicts may arise....

GUI can be ignored, it was just a suggestion. :) You can just list them with numbers:

1. Juggernaut_BliZZ
2. Ms_Marvel_MUA
3. Omega_Red_cvc
4. Name-of-character_author
5. Psylocke_Burning Rage


July 08, 2007, 02:36PM #19 Last Edit: July 08, 2007, 02:39PM by Norrin Radd
and there can only be 27 entries, or 26 people plus the team one?

EDIT: I know this is doable in Java, so it should also be doable in C++.  The only thing you have to solve is to execute xmlb-compile.exe in your program.
yes, it is possible in visual c++, but i am not familiar with windows c++ or visual c++. Getting xmlb-compile to compile is pretty simple in c++.

I think it's 27 for the herostat... I hope someone can confirm it for you.
The library can be infinitely long though.

EDIT: Don't worry about it. :)

cool, ill get to work.

i just successfully changed the herostat file using my program.
it was funny, i picked to have 4 people, and i used a feature i made that picks random characters, and when i started the game, it was sandman and 3 tigras (there was really only one tigra on my team, but when the game starts i guess you need to have 4 characters or something). it was pretty funny. it ended up randomly selecting tigra, sandman, ms marvel, and spiderwoman.

July 08, 2007, 06:04PM #23 Last Edit: July 08, 2007, 06:09PM by Norrin Radd
Features of the program so far:
- Copy over skins using names (instead of numbers) to know which skin is which
   --> this is so that it is easy to test new skins and see them in the game quickly
- ability to load pictures of each skin (if the user has them) (type in a skin name and see the picture)
   --> so if you want to see what a skin looks like if you dont remember, you can. its also possible that people may want to release their mods with a screen shot so it can be seen by others. This also makes it easier to see pictures than searching through the forum.
- replace all default files (only skins so far)
  --> in case your game crashes and you want the original configuration
- maybe the most attractive feature: no need to edit the herostat file!, all you need to do is say who you want on your team (you will still need to have the code that the herostat requires, but u can change the herostat file on the fly!
   --> makes it easier for newbs, and everyone else to add the characters they want in the game, without having to replace files or edit files.
- also added was a randomizer where you can pick the amount of characters you want and it picks characters for you team randomly
   --> just for fun, because sometimes you want something different

To do:
- allow for copying of huds and other things
- edit the help_me file before release

I will release soon so you can test and tell me about all the bugs.
new feature ideas are very much welcome!!!

It sounds great, Norrin Radd. :)
Thank you for taking my advice for that herostat stuff!!!

thanks for the advice in the first place, since i usually only replace skins directly i don't know too much about the other modding methods, and to make this program worth it for everyone, i will try to take the suggestions as they come

July 08, 2007, 08:30PM #26 Last Edit: July 09, 2007, 12:59PM by Norrin Radd

Lol, it works!
Of course the first thing I did was to try the herostat editing, without thinking. I added one random character and ran the game, and there was only Wolverine in it. Then I remembered I hadn't backed up my herostat, lol, like a nidjit. Luckily I keep the .xml versions handy so I got one back from that.
But the utility works!
I'll play a bit more later, but it looks good.
Thanks Norrin Radd.

This looks like an awesome Utility!  I will test soon myself, but my gaming machine took a dump on me.  I know we all can appreciate this...  I call Main Page link! Main Page link!   

I'll test this for you when I get a chance, but some confirmation first:

25 Characters + 1 Extra character+ 1 character taking defaultman'sslot + the Team Character = the herostats we use. Team Character should be left as is, the game doesn't like that being messed around with.